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A King's Nature
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*resubmitted due to color change--it was TOO GREEN before XD* *copies and pastes description from AP submission because I'm too lazy to write it again* Well, I figured I'd make a wallpaper for this wonderful and overlooked anime. ^_^ It's older and pretty long...but Arslan (or Arislan) is a beautiful tale!! So anyhoo, I found the scan here: of Arslan, and I fell in love. I actually had the exact picture of what I wanted to do in my head...and then... ... I didn't do it. Of course! T__T I couldn't quite accomplish what I initially set out to do. I wanted to have him sitting in a field next to a tree with the sunset in back of him, but obviously that didn't happen. The field ended up looking change of plans. I decided to do something I love best, which is make a texture-y wallpaper. Something different from my norm, however, are the colors! I'm not a big fan of green...but I figured I'd go with it since his hair color is a turquoise-color. First off, the extraction was pretty annoying...and I got rid of all of those orange flowers/leaves...only to replace them with more leaves and flowers. XD The bg was all brushwork and different layers overlaying them and using PS textures. As for him, I duplicated his layer several times, blurred two of them...added more PS textures to him and overlayed more brushwork, yay. I also replaced some of his colors (for his skin) because MY GOODNESS was he yellow!! His skin color in the original scan was waaay too yellow, thank you very much. I guess I'm out of things to say about this one...other than I've been dreaming and thinking about how to complete it before bed. ^^;; Because I started it a couple days ago and had to take a break; I didn't have enough time to finish it in one sitting. It probably took well over an hour, maybe 2? I didn't count, but it seemed to take way too long! XD I hope you like it! P.S. Sorry that I don't have the other resolution..."scratch disks are full" is what my photoshop keep telling me....and it refuses to resize it!

Heroic Legend of Arslan Wallpapers
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