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Hey everyone! :waves enthusiastically:

Just your friendly neighborhood SinsofMidnight, here. It's been some time since I've been on theOtaku, so I thought I'd celebrate with a good old fashion contest.

The theme is "nobility" --and I mean, as in "the head of the noble Shiba clan" or "a princess of the Ran family" or "The Earl of Pudding".
So much love to you if you got those references.

~Pairings of any orientation are accepted.
~One included character must be a noble. Royalty is also acceptable.
~Any fandom/band/ect is accepted.
~You may enter as many times as you desire.

There is a small caveat to the rule of nobility or royalty: if you have read a fan-fiction or the like that had a particular character as a noble or a royal, you may use that character so long as there is a link to the fan-fiction included and the submission corrisponds with the alternative universe.

This is a two month challenge. At the end of that period, I will select my three winners.

Each of the three winners will receive:
~SinsofMidnight's udying love (KIDDING!)
~A wallpaper, featuring up to 2 characters of your choice.
~A ONE-SHOT fan-fiction (published on for a character or pairing of your choice.

Good luck, ladies and gents! I look forward to your hard work!


Please expect to hear back on results before Valentine's Day!

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