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Hello everyone,this is my third time creating a challenge here on the Otaku. It will feature the Valor Form Kairi from Monty Oum's Dead Fantasy. Monty Oum is the creater of a fan movie known as Dead Fantasy. You can check this movie out on Youtube and GameTraliers.net. Kairi is originally from Kingdom Hearts but she doesn't fight much in Kingdom Hearts. The only time she really fights is when she gets her flower keyblade from Riku. But in Dead Fantasy she fights alot more and gets to turn into Valor Form and maybe Anti-Form like Sora does. In this challenge I would like you to create a wallpaper featuring Kairi in her Valor Form. Since there's only one scan with her in Valor Form,you will be challenged to create an amazing wallpaper featuring Valor Form Kairi. The Valor Form Kairi is featured in this scan/wallpaper:
Here is the link to view the image:
From this wallpaper I would like you to extract Kairi and come up with a creative way to feature Kairi in her Valor Form or Anti Form. You can use whatever style you want(textures,blending,vectoring,ect.) I just want it to be creative.
Here are the rules:
1.The wallpaper must be your own work,no plagerizing. If I find out you plagerized someone's wallpaper,you will be reported and your entry will be disqualified.
2. Your wallpaper must include the image above in extracted/rendered form.
3.Be creative with your wallpaper,use any style that comes to mind.
4.Your signiture must be included on the wallpaper
5.You need to feature a credit Monty Oum for the Kairi render and Square Enix or Disney for creating Kairi
6.Just have fun with your wallpaper and I can't wait to see what you all come with
1st Place: The winner will get three wallpaper requests and the chance to do a collaboration wallpaper(where you help with part of the wallpaper) of whatever anime,game,music,etc.
2nd Place: Two wallpaper requests of your choice
3rd Place: One wallpaper request of your choice
Comment below if you're interested in participating and the image link is above

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The Radiant Princess ~Dyuu
Radiant Princess ~leetstyle
Kairi Valor Form ~Amestar
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