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Welcome back guys. I'm here with yet another challenge. A minor continuation from my previous one, nay?

Thanks for all of the only four but I understand you guys are busy so I'm not complaining entries in my last challenge. :3 I hope to see as many if not more in this one.

Well, my last challenge was to make a wallpaper featuring a character from Kingdom Hearts that you, or a friend resembled the most personality-wise. The same goes here, except for Final Fantasy characters!

Now, if I invited you to the challenge, and you don't know the series, you don't have to feel obligated to enter. Heck, you don't have to even if you DO enter it. Invites don't matter that much to me ^^
If you DO know the series and what to enter the challenge but you don't have any ideas of a character that resembles you, go to the Final Fantasy Wiki and read up on some of the characters!


1. Must be of good quality. Not to sound like rude but it's very irritating to see art of low quality. Scans like this are NOT allowed. You can browse theO for walls/card if you need an idea of what is allowed. Shouldn't be hard to tell though, lol.

2. Effort please. I don't want to see a scan cropped off with some text slapped on to it and have it labeled as a wall. Use effects, brushes, textures, change the colors, whatever. Just don't think a scan with nothing but text added to it is a wall, lol.

3. Explain why you chose the character in your wall. It doesn't have to be a long description, just some similarities in you/your friend in that character.

4. Unlimited entries. KEEP THEM COMING

5. In case you guys didn't catch it, you can make a wallpaper featuring characters that are like you OR a friend. It doesn't have to only revolve around you. If your friend resembles a character, go right ahead and make a wall for them. I don't mind.

6. Any Final Fantasy accepted. Brownie points to those that use Final Fantasy VII or IX Even the ooooold ones for the SNES or whatever.

2 months this time~ :)

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A hero needs to love a guinea ~XkeyofdestinyX
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