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Hey guys! Jikosangel here again, finally starting my second challenge ^____^ I know it's been a little while since my last one ended, but I wanted to finish my prizes before I started a new one. And with computer problems, I had no GIMP access for like nearly 2 weeks at the beginning of the year, so that ws just not cool! I have just one gift left to do (a "surprise" card for yammi chan!) and then that one is officially over! wahh it's crazy to me, that I finally got to make a challenge, and it's all done and over already...!!

haha, sorry, don't mind me being all sappy and stuff! OK SO THE NEW CHALLENGE:
[inspiration, magic, hope] Basically, right now, I'm going through a kind of rough period in my life, and for the first time in years, I'm starting to battle some depression issues that are setting in. I won't go into the details, but what I want is this:

Make something beautiful, magic, totally inspiring!
I want you to find an image that makes you say "WOW" and then enhance it- don't just change the colors and throw on some words, but really mess with it and try to make it as magical as possible <3

I would really appreciate some hopeful or inspiring quotes, especially ^_____^

And now, the Rules:
*Preferably not a romance theme (did i just say that? wow, i did...haha)
*Preferably softer colors (no bold, dark colors, basically. Red, no thank you)
*Please include a quote of some kind (even if it's just something you make up!)
*Spend at least half an hour working on this- i want to see effort and love!
*Enjoy yourself!! Making something beautiful is supposed to make you feel all warm and tingly inside, like you're creating a present <3
(oh, and no max entries- do as many as you'd like!)

Aaaand the prizes!!
First Place: 2 Wallpapers
Second Place: 1 Wallpaper
Third Place: 1 Card

I will probably ask you for a preference on your prizes (a theme, or anime, or color, or some such). Probably. lol. ALRIGHT, EVERYONE, THANKS FOR LOOKING, and i hope you have a lot of fun making something for this contest <3 I am really looking forward to see what kinds of wonderful presents I will see here ^____^ I check theO almost daily, so it will be like receiving presents each time someone participates!! I can't wait :D Thanks in advance to everyone who participates!!

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