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This is my second challenge!!!^^

I was really happy on how my first one turned out! And I was thinking for a long time now, about making a second one.

This one is a wallie challenge! The title may be a little confusing so let me explain!^^
Well this challenge will have doouple number of winners since working together actually means that you have to work with someone else! Make a wallie with someone else in here. One of you can start it and the other can complete it or you can make it step by step. I hope you get the idea...

1.The wallie can be about anything! Really anything!!!
2.You have to work in pairs of two. There can't be a third person and you can't make it alone!
3.The one that you will decide that will submit has to dedicate it to the other one. It will be hard for me to keep track of the entrances, but at least both people will get credit for the work.
4.Tell me what each one did, who came up with the idea etc.
5.Please put the links from where you got everything you used(if you can find them of course ^^)

I think that's all with the rules. So send a PM to someone you want to work with and let the fun begin.
This challenge isn't only about making a great wallie, but also for getting to know each other here on theO better. Work with someone you admire. Become friends. It's X-mass after all. The spirit is here.

So for the winners:
1st placers will receive a wallie and a card each one.
2nd placers will receive a wallie each
3rd placers will receive a card each

I know some of the winners won't get the golden metal, but I just hope you can move past it...^^

Everyone will receive a gift! Maybe two for the winners!!!

If you have any questions feel free to ask me!
Oh, you have three months, I can't wait, but you'll need a lot of time to do this...I think!

Good Luck Everyone!!!

EDIT: You can be prat of a lot of teams! As long as there are only two persons on each team! So you can submit with person1 and you can also submit with person2 and so on...I hope you get it!

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