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    How would you describe the region you live in?

    Very densely populated (a major city or at least a big one).
    Reasonably sized (not too big but not small either).
    Fairly small, the type of place where everyone knows everyone else.
    I'm a hermit.

    What's the first thing you'd do if you heard about a zombie apocalypse on the news?

    Turn off the TV, they're all liars anyway.
    Call my relatives, like everyone else. Panic and break down in tears when I can't contact them because the lines are fried.
    Observe the mayhem out the window in contemplative silence.
    Hide knives under my clothes, get some blunt weapons and try to reach my friends/family.
    Repeat all the zombie facts I know until I'm sure I didn't forget anything, then attempt to get in contact with my loved ones.
    Fortify my hermit shelter and stock up on food. Let no one in, as they are potential enemies who will use up my supplies.

    What type of zombie are you confronting?

    Magical (awakened by the dark religion/cult of your choice).
    Fast, 28 Days/Weeks Later-style.
    Slow, Romanesque.
    I have no clue whatsoever, help me!

    Because you'll be forced to get out of your shelter eventually, how would you move about the zombies?

    Imitating their shambling walk, with deep grunts, or camouflaging myself to look like them, all while praying to my god(s) of choice.
    I'd mow them down first with my [insert weapon of choice here] and just waltz down the street.
    Outside? No thanks! I'd rather stay hauled in my shelter even if I die of starvation!
    I'd wait for them to clear and try to move as quickly and quietly as possible.

    Where will you go?

    To the hospital, I might find some help there.
    To the house of the friend that's closest to me (or my family's, if we don't live together).
    Around the houses in the neighborhood, to loot them for supplies.
    I'd just wander aimlessly, I guess. Maybe steal a truck and shoot zombies for entertainment.
    I'm staying right here, thank you very much!

    You managed to pick up some friends along the way, but one of them isn't feeling so hot. You:

    ...shrug and tell them to MOVE or be left behind.
    ...use them as bait in case the zombies follow you - hey, slowest sheep saves the herd!
    ...try to see what's wrong with them.
    ...shoot them in the head, decapitate them and burn the corpse. They were a goner anyway.
    ...promptly leave them behind, quoting "survival of the fittest" (you secretly hated their guts anyway).
    ...leave them behind with some minor pity-supplies, such as a gun with only one bullet.

    You somehow managed to find and be accepted into a bigger group. What do you do?

    Plaster myself to the leader and try to gain their affection.
    Secretly plan to usurp the position of leader, maybe even gather a mini-group of followers.
    Act as the comedic relief - after all, times are grim and people need some uplifting jokes!
    Just hang around and do generic chores, while trying to survive.
    Unfortunately, I'm the slowest sheep.

    Now that the civilized world is gone, what do you plan to do?

    Wander from city to city in search of other survivors and attempt to rebuild a functioning society.
    Work on repopulating. Often.
    Build a fortress, grab as many cans of food and books as I can and live it up.
    Fertilize plants or feed pets turned feral, since I'm dead.

    Let's assume you survived this long and now the zombies are gone (disappeared, rotted away etc.). Of course, there are still many dangers to face even without them around. How do you think you'd be most likely to die?

    Food poisoning. Now that proper crops are no more, I'd eat pretty much anything that isn't me.
    Infection. Medicine has gone bad or was used up and there aren't enough doctors around.
    Mauled by a wild animal. Even with guns available for everyone, these things reproduced like crazy.
    Killed and eaten by other survivors for my supplies.
    Old age, naturally; I'm a survivor after all.
    Suicide. I'd go insane in a world without Internet!

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