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    It is the dawn of a new day!

    Awesome! It was about time to show to the world what I'm able to do!
    Why do I have to get up? I'd prefer stay in my bed than go outside.
    Quick! I need at least one hour to choose the dress for today!
    Cool! Who knows what kind of funny things I will discover today?
    A new day is calling, My work need me and I won't be late. A lot of people depend on me and I won't disappoint them.
    A new day for learning new stuff about this world!

    Someone who you really like asks you to solve a problem with a bully. What do you do?

    Find a reasonable way to make both of them happy.
    Find this guy and kick him! Nobody hurts my friends!
    If we start a fight I'll probably lose, but I can easily convince him to get lost.
    Ask another friend to deal the problem, I'm not the right guy for this kind of thing.
    Go to him and ask him why is he being mean. I'm sure a good talk will make everything better.
    Just tease him in front of someone more autoritive than him. He will be humiliated.

    You are participating in a race and you MUST win. What do you do?

    Train hard and look for a tutorial on the web or in some book.
    Stay cool, I'm already good enought to win.
    Try harder then ever, counting only on myself.
    Relax and have some fun with my friends.
    Be as awesome as I can be. Even if I lose, I will lose with style.
    I don't know! I'm not even a good racer! Why did I sign up for a race?

    A friend of yours brings you a party, but he leaves you alone in the middle of the night. What do you do?

    Make some new friends!
    Show your awesomeness all around the place.
    Uhhhh.... nothing, I'll just wait until my friend returns.
    Find the first game avaible and show everybody what you can do!
    Well, I dont know... the only thing that I know is that a good friend doesn't leave you alone!
    Well, find something to drink and something to eat and wait for him to come back!

    You have to make a gift for a friend but you can't ask him what he wants... what do you choose?

    I don't know, I'm not good at these kinds of things!
    Something "standard" like a new dress, some money or a music cd. You know, the kind of things that everyobody likes!
    Something stylish! Even if I have to check every store in the city!

    A friend of yours introduces you to someone, how do you act?

    Wait until you have something interesting to say.
    Wait for them to talk to me.
    Start talking to them instantly.

    You have only one wish, What do you chose?

    To be able to help everyone!
    To have better judgement.
    To have a party awesome enought to invite all of my friends!
    That I never hurt anyone.
    To be a guide and inspiration for others.

    Explain yourself with only two choices.

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)

    What do you believe others think about you?

    That I'm awesome!
    Someone who is a very good friend.
    Nothing special.
    Nothing good.

    How is your bedroom?

    In a perfect order.
    Really personalized.

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