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    Name your flaw.

    I'm too organized sometimes, almost to the point of OCD.
    I get sidetracked too easily.
    I'm too quiet and "antisocial"; I don't really like meeting new people.
    I'm too outgoing and optimistic at times, which annoys people.
    I'm too sarcastic, sometimes even on the verge of cynical.
    I'm too shy and don't like hanging out with large groups of people.
    I tend to talk a lot about myself.
    Sometimes my imagination gets the better of me and I lose touch with reality.
    I can crack jokes at all times, but especially in inappropriate situations.
    I'm terrible at planning ahead, I prefer to do things along the way.

    What would you do during a zombie outbreak?

    Try to help others who are in need of it.
    Run like hell!
    Stay and fight! (Or at least try to keep myself from being zombified).
    Keep a log of what's happening in hopes that it may come in handy in the future.
    I'd be the zombie-Bible nerd. I know everything about them anyway.
    Build a fortress and barricade myself and a few friends in it.
    Rob stores and houses and generally do whatever I please.
    Be eaten by friends/family/total strangers.
    Parasitically attach myself to the first group of survivors I see.
    Try to look on the bright side of things! (And be abandoned by team members who choose to save their own behinds instead of mine.)

    Which would be your most prized possession(s), out of these?

    My family albums and/or soap opera VHS tapes/DVDs.
    My crime, suspense and/or adventure novels.
    My notes and files.
    My weapon and/or techniques of self defense.
    My favorite movies (I have them all on DVD! - or I'm planning to get them...somehow *cough*)
    All the presents I've received from my loved ones! Especially the little things.
    My (rather large) collection of MP3s.
    My training equipment.
    My best works (writings, paintings etc.)
    My drawing tools.

    Quick! Describe your best friend in one word! (Don't worry, I won't tell.)


    How would you say your dreams are?

    Very vivid and colorful, it feels like I'm watching a movie!
    Realistic - me going to work/school, meeting up with friends etc.
    I can't really tell, I don't pay much attention to them.
    I usually have nightmares or very active dreams.
    I don't dream, or I can't remember them after waking up.

    Your computer breaks down! What do you do?

    Focus on something else (writing, homework etc.)
    Daydream or play something. It's not a big deal anyway.
    Pull my hair out and curse the company I bought it from.
    Shrug and go see what's on TV.
    Have someone come and repair it right away.
    Try to fix it myself (and possibly break something else in the process).
    The world just ended for me. There's nothing I can do.
    Call some friends and go out on the town.
    Fix it, of course.
    Call the company I bought it from and threaten to sue them if they don't replace it.

    You suddenly find out the world is actually full of your favorite mythological creatures (vampires, werewolves, fairies etc.). What is your first reaction?

    Hey, I want in on the action!
    Wow, man...just...wow.
    I'm gonna hide, of course, these creatures are dangerous!
    I'm gonna capture one and run some "tests" on it to isolate the genes and turn myself into one of them!
    Uh? Are you serious? They DON'T exist. Quit it with the silly questions.

    You're on a boat trip with a few friends. Your boat sinks near a deserted island (of course), but everyone is alive and well. You...:

    ...play some games while waiting to be rescued.
    ...write down your thoughts on friends, family, weather, impending death etc.
    ...take the best with you and go hunting, send the rest to gather wood and fruits, then build a camp.
    ...sing songs and tell ghost stories around the campfire!
    ...try to lighten the mood. Also, attempt to get in touch with civilization.
    ...write down everything that happens - it's history in the making!
    ...eat your friends. Die of starvation when there's no one left to eat.
    ...eat whomever you beat at rock-paper-scissors. Spend your life in jail when you're all rescued.
    ...whine about the situation and life in general until someone slaps you.
    ...are already thinking about which of your friends you'd like to have kids with. Because you all know you aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

    You are suddenly left alone in the world, save for a few people from different continents. Kind of like an epidemic, if you want. Anyway, you know they're there but can't get to them. The other people are dead in their homes or on the streets (grim, I know). You...:

    ...are already thinking that the dead will rise and eat you in your sleep. Thus, you give up sleeping.
    ...study the decomposition process in the bodies.
    ...knew this was coming and are not surprised in the least.
    ...try to find other survivors, even though you know the chances are dim.
    ...whine that there's no one to listen to you talk.
    ...lose it and pretend you're a hero killing zombies.
    ...do something to keep your mind off reality (read, draw etc.)
    ...whine that you're all alone and there's nothing left to do.
    ...end up talking to yourself and arranging mannequins on the streets, I Am Legend style.
    ...rob every store, house and car on a fifty mile radius.

    And the final question: let's say that, by some occurrence (scientific accident, divine intervention etc.), you gain the superpower of your choice - it doesn't matter which, it's what you wanted most. What do you do with it?

    Announce it to as many people as I can: boast, gloat, patronize others, the drill.
    Search for others with superpowers and form the League of Awesomeness.
    Use it to play pranks on others without their knowing.
    Attempt to analyze how exactly I got said superpower.
    Act in movies - now I get to do my own stunts!
    Take on the role of a vigilante; take out anyone that happens to get too close -- even the police.
    Fight crime! Now I can finally be like those awesome comic book superheroes!
    Isolate myself from the world and decide that my power is really more of a curse than a blessing.
    Turn to the dark side, hold an important person hostage and demand a country of my own.
    Aid scientists in analyzing me in hopes of discovering a cure for a disease.

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