FujinKeima What Tales Of Vesperia Villain Are You?

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    Hello, let's start the quiz.

    Ja,ja,let's begin!
    I don't have time to play with worms.
    Hurry up, or you'll never walk this earth again!
    What are you waiting for?

    First, what do you think about the Blastia?

    I live thanks to them.
    Thanks to them, I shall be invincible!
    Those things. They killed my friends.
    Hahaha! They're funny toys!

    What are you in society?

    Once a hero for humans.
    I'm nothing more than a tool for my master.
    A high-ranked person in society.
    A guild master.
    An asassin.

    What is your ambition?

    My master's goal is mine.
    Me? Just buisness!
    To reign supreme. Kneel before your master!
    I want to protect my world!
    I want to fight that one guy in a death match.

    How do you plan to reach your goal?

    I use others as tools so I won't have to dirty my hands.
    I destroy the very source of my problems.
    I kill everything in my way. If they survive, I'll come back.
    I use the help of my loyal underlings.
    I fight, even if I die.

    How would others describe you?


    What's your signature move?

    Brave Vesperia!
    Blast Heart!
    Caress of Death!
    Shining Blastia Field! HAHAHAHAHA!
    Brillant Cataclysm!

    What do you do when you're not on duty?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)
    I run a buisness.
    I'm planning in the shadows.
    I play nice guy with a bunch of kids.
    I travel around the world, far from human society.
    I hunt down people.
    I spend time with someone.
    I perform my duty as Commandant.

    The quiz is over.

    It was fun! Bye-bye!
    Now, kneel before me!
    My blades aches to kill. I needt to kill something!
    It was pointless.

Hi there friend!

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