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    The most basic and most obvious question of all: What's your favorite color?

    Well duh, pink because I'm so a girly girl!
    Blue, because it’s just me.
    Yellow, because that’s the brightest color in the rainbow! YAY
    Green...I don't really know why.
    Purple...it’s not too bright and it’s not too dark, but the color gets noticed a lot, so I’m popular.
    White, because I always loved snow white fur!
    Grey or black...they are the colors of evil! *grins feverishly*

    What do you want to be when you're older?

    A Gymnast! I’m flexible and entertaining and it’s like the best job to entertain people...right?
    A Model. People always thought I had the bone structures to be a model and I have always been into fashion.
    A Ballet Dancer. My parents always wanted me to have ballet lessons and I am so elegant and poise. I’ve been doing ballet recitals every since I was a little girl in a tutu. It’s the perfect occupation to be when I’m older.
    Duh! I'm a boy and I hate girls so I want to be an evil enemy! Yeah!!!
    I just want to have a loving family and care for them when I’m older. At night, I don’t mind fighting off evil! It’s been my destiny all along. If I really had to choose, it might be something to do with animals.
    Ummm. I just want to get on with my life and just go with the flow. I haven’t really decided.
    Whatever my love wants to do, I'm happy to do it with him!

    If you knew a really cute boy, how would you want your first date to be like?

    I wouldn’t have time to go on dates, even if this guy was awesomely cute. Fighting crime and evil is the main priority right now. Stop asking obvious-answered questions, miss not-able-to-realize-the-obvious!
    Candles and strawberries dipped in chocolate with a picnic under the sunset would be uberly special and adorable. The entertainment would be me of course, so I would do some juggling tricks and gymnast jumps! The perfect was to start a relationship.
    Read books in a library, but just gaze at him from behind the book you are reading. I know it’s not exactly a first date, but it’s a start! *laughs nervously*
    I’m a boy, so I would just go to a restaurant and make her pay for the meal. I’m not paying for a girl’s meal, even if she is the same height as me, but I still hate her!
    The chef would organize the meal at my mansion and I would wear an expensive first-date dress and he would come on time...we would talk, eat, and then he would kiss my hand good night and go home.
    We would eat under the stars and the main course would be carrots and for entertainment a magician could perform some cool rabbit tricks! It’s like a dream date for anyone, right???!!!
    A nice walk on the beach would be relaxing and after we have eaten a non-fat, no-cards meal (because I have to keep my figure), he would walk me home, but he would have to be careful with all the paparazzi and reporters just waiting to announce a headline story. He would be my knight in shining armor! *gazes dreamily*!

    What's your favorite, nearly extinct, animal?

    I would have to say an Iriomote cat, because I have always adored cats and I love any kind.
    An Ultramarine Lorikeet is my favorite, as it best suits my personality, because I am an elegant creature.
    I was always a Finless Porpoise kind of girl and I can’t bear to see them all go. I would save every one if I could. I still like them even if I can’t swim!
    I hate animals, so I don’t have one. They are just so inconsiderate. Ugh!!
    I always love entertaining, so I love the Golden Lion Tamarin.
    Gray Wolves are sleek and slender, like me, so they are my favorite.
    I don’t know! I can’t choose!! AHHH! I will have to say the Andean Mountain Cat and the Amami Rabbit. I’m sorry, but its either two or no answer from me!! I love cats and I love rabbits! I love them equally!

    If you were suddenly injected with wildcat genes and asked to be a superhero, what would you do?

    Just go along with it and fight the aliens- no questions asked.
    Immediately believe this is your destiny, and then dedicate your entire life to saving the planet.
    Freak out over the situation, and then spend every single waking moment worrying about all the bad things that could happen.
    Outline the reasons that this new ability will enhance your future plans, and then focus on your long-term goals.
    Refuse to battle it out since it’s so not your style, then just forget all about it and do your own thing.
    What?! Injected with wildcat genes and be a superhero? What is this rubbish?!! I would never want to be a superhero; I would prefer to fight superheroes! Yeah! And anyways, why am I doing this quiz! It sounds like a quiz for girls, not boys! *sits confused and does the rest of the quiz anyways*
    Does it anyways, temporarily though, because your strong so why waste your abilities?

    What would be your favorite battle-cry, if you had one?

    Ribbon Strawberry Check!!!, because I love strawberries!
    Ribbon Mint Echo!
    Pudding Ring Inferno!Yum!!! Pudding!
    Lettuce Rush!
    Zakuro's Pure!
    A BATTLE-CRY! OMG! This quiz just gets better and better doesn't it?
    I'm not really sure!

    Do You Like Tokyo Mew Mew?

    Umm, sure. If I have time I will read some of them now and again...but my schedule is quite busy.
    I can’t. Sorry! Too busy saving the world and doing my own thing...maybe in a couple of years time.. who am I kidding! I wouldn’t want to read about girls who turn into superheroes!!! LAWL XD
    Umm.. .ehhh ok! Let’s just get to the point...I hate Tokyo Mew Mew and I always will...I’m not even sure why I’m doing this quiz.
    I don't know. I will have to get back to you on that.
    I’ve never heard of Tokyo Mew Mew, but now I have...I will have to see if they are ok to read and watch.
    EWWWW! Why read about girls turning into good people, where you can just read about evil enemies DESTRYOING girls who have turned into good people! Now that would be a number one best seller!!!

    Last, but not least: Are you happy with your answers?

    Sure! I picked the answers that best suited me!
    Uh! What! What’s happening? Is this a quiz! Oh! My bad, I thought it was something else.
    Yeah...whatever...I just picked any answer to get this over and done with!
    I’ve picked the right answer...I just hope I’m the best Mew Mew! YAYAYAY!!!
    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Can I just have the results now?
    WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU! Why make a quiz about girls, when boys are WAY more interesting. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?
    I don’t care if I’m happy with these answers...the answers are lame anyways!

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