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    When you are out at a restaurant with friends, what do you order?

    Oh I just let my boyfriend pick something out.
    Something that isn't too expensive.
    I get whatever she wants of course.
    Oh! Something new on the menu! I have to try it out!
    Uh, I don't really go out to eat, unless she wants to that is.

    You have your food, now what?

    What do you mean? I eat all of it except for a tiny bit.
    I'm always hungry so I eat it all.
    I rave over how neat the new item is!
    I get distracted by the conversation and don't finish.
    I thank my boyfriend for the wonderful treat, he's so nice!
    I just eat quietly and say nothing.

    Valentine's Day is coming up, what will you do?

    I do nothing of course, it's a silly holiday.
    I'll make chocolates for my sweetheart of course.
    I'll look forward to what having some chocolate.
    Do you really think I should make some? I'm not that good at cooking.
    I guess it will be fun, but you don't have to make chocolates if you don't want to.
    I don't like chocolate.

    The day has arrived! How did it go?

    It didn't. It's such a stupid holiday!
    I don't know. Nothing went like I thought it would.
    It was okay, she didn't have to make chocolates though.
    It was great!
    It was such a nice romantic day! I love Valentines!
    I hope I made the chocolates right!

    Your best friend is upset, what do you do?

    I try to make them feel better of course.
    I try to solve the problem for them.
    Why are you letting things bother you? Jeez!
    I clobber the idiot that upset them of course.
    I let my girlfriend take care of it; she's good at fixing things.
    I do my best to be there for them.

    Well now that you've solved that problem, what next?

    I try to forget about it and move on.
    What do you mean? It's over with silly!
    I look for ways to make sure it never happens again of course!
    I just keep going to school, what else?
    What? Life goes on of course!
    I just shrug my shoulders and go back to what I was doing.

    You've decided to go swimming with your friends, hurray!

    What do you mean hurray? I hate getting cold.
    If the others want to go, I guess I will too.
    Hurray is right! I love the pool!
    OMG! They have a water slide! I have to go on it!
    Anywhere with my darling is perfect!
    If she likes it then so do I!

    Now that the day is finally coming to an end, what will you do?

    I'll walk my sweetheart home of course.
    Huh? I go home, what else would I do?
    I'm going to go home and wrap up in a blanket! I'm still cold!
    I dream of the fun things that I'll do tomorrow of course.
    I'm not sure; I guess I just go home to get some sleep.
    I go home alone of course. *sigh*

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