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    FIRSTLY, What makes you think YOU'RE evil?? ~_~

    Because I eat babies� ( O_o )
    Hehe, world domination!
    Pretty fire� I wants to pet it� ( *psst* that's off subject! )
    I'm hot, therefore I must be a villain, for villains are hot. =D
    What? Why would I be evil?!

    OK! Time for the scenarios!

    Ah, the joy�
    *reloads* 'I� Hate� Scenarios�'

    If your walking in a mall and a little kid drops his or her ice cream on the floor, what do you do?

    Set it alight! Ahha! Hahaha! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!
    Buy the poor kid a new one.
    Stick explosives in it!
    Ignore it, no one ever cared about me�
    Continue to look for something deliciously evil to wear� hehe
    Walk over and check my self out in the melted ice-creams reflection. ( WTF? )

    Would you show an unmentionably embarrassing video of your friend on Youtube?

    No... sheesh

    If you could destroy any city, how would you do it?

    Blow it up!
    Burn it down!
    Drown it in creaming soda! Mwahahaha!
    What? WHY?
    Shove it off a cliff. ( I wonder how that works� )

    After winning a long horrific war to gain control of the world, what do you do to celebrate?

    Torture the prisoners.
    Blow up the world� seeing its mine now� *shrugs* there�s more.
    Get some new clothes� damn these blood stains.
    Do my victory dance! *spins around*
    Ha, I�ll make everyone live how I lived, let THEM suffer like I suffered�
    I�d ask what the oak tree wants me to do next!
    Watch something burn down� *sigh* so calming�
    Get some moisturizer for my skin. that�s the last time I use an a-bomb.
    Laugh Menacingly and broadcast it to the world!

    If you saw me innocently walking on the street one day *cough*, what would you do?

    Say hi.
    Shoot paint balls at you!
    Set you on fire! ( that�s sorta mean! TT_TT )
    Strap you to a catapult.
    Ask you to make the talking trees disappear.
    Ignore you.
    No one understands me! What makes you think YOU will? HUH?!? ( � eh? )

    What would you do if some random person pointed at you and called you a weirdo?

    Bash their face in!
    Laugh it off.
    Stalk them� he he he�
    Make a smart-ass come-back, then think depressing thoughts�
    Make them pay off my credit card debt! � or else�
    This quiz is stupid� I wouldn�t do any of the above.

    What are your current thoughts?

    Cha-cha-cha-cha cha-CHA! Cha-cha-cha-cha CHA-cha!
    I wonder how much a flame thrower costs....
    Ooooh! pizza... mmmmm
    I hate this world...
    Stupid parents.
    I like animals ^___^
    Hmmm, trench coat or formal... tsk, what to wear...
    Hehe, me so hot =D
    Are beds SUPPOSED to talk?

    What�s your comeback if I said �you stink!�?

    �Look who�s talking monkey-butt.�
    �You know, I haven�t burned anything lately� do you really want to be my first?�
    �You're just jealous�� ( that�s a pretty lame come-back�)
    �Pathetic human, what do you know�
    �You shush, or go BOOM� =D
    ... "uhhhhh" *sniffs air*

    You see a lost child, he/she�s crying and trying to find their mother, what do you do? =O

    Help them.
    Ditch them.
    Continue on my spending spree!
    Steal their candy.

    OMG! Santa gives you coal for Christmas!

    *gasp* I�m out of ammo too!
    Time to pay Santa a �lil visit� hehe
    Life is depressing� why me�
    What about that lab coat I was promised?!
    I'll have to be nicer this year!

    *Sigh* I�m running out of scenarios� uh�

    *gaps* Dun - dun -dun!!

    Look! A puddle! *points*

    I MUST BURN IT!!!!! *__*
    What? I ain't jumpin' in it... I just showered.
    PUDDLE! *bomb dives into puddle* ( ouch! )
    ... yes... a puddle indeed...

    *Phew!* I�m sure glad that�s over! (it was getting a bit awkward�)

    Ah, yes... remind me why I did this quiz again?
    HEHE... YAYS! *claps*
    hahahaha... hehe... MWAHAHAHAHA!!!...
    ... me likes fire... =D
    ... I need help... o_O
    Oh... okay! time to see how hot I am! ( ... this is a 'why are you evil' quiz buddy... )
    Mmmm, I think blacks more my colour... ~_~
    All right, lets see my result then!
    No one understands me... ( *pets* cheer up ^^" )
    This quiz is stupid... YOU'RE stupid. ( hey! >=I )

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