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What Animal Are You?

Hmm...my Chinese zodiac sign...coincidence? ;3

What Yu-Gi-Oh! Character Are You?

"Look good in leather"...why do I get an image of Halle Berry? :3

What Kind Of Japanese Fan Are You?

No Comment

Are You A Tsundere Or A Yandere?

Okay. I still don't know what either of them are though...

Which Disney Fairy Are You?

No Comment

Hetalia! What Country Are You?

...and I apparantly have bushman eyebrows? o_O;

What Kind Of Villain Are You?

Oh, I'm not THAT bad. ^_~

What Female FMA Character Are You?

(*chuckes*) It forgets to mention the quick and fierce temper that goes along with this persona! XD

WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!! O_O; ...oh, whatever... -_-;

What Case Closed Character Are You?

(*laughs*) Meanwhile, I don't do either of those activities (save for the last one) in real life! XD

How Do You Restore Your Eldel Raid Power?

...I have no idea what this means XD

What K-ON! Band Character Are You?

There are a few people I know that would greately disagree with me being shy. ^_~

How Mature Do You Think?

I could name two people who would debate this: my mom and dad. XD

What Element Fits You Best?

Hmm...interesting result. ^_^

What Angel's Feather Hero Are You?

With the exception of the fact that I'm also pretty optimistic at times and a total affection leech, this just about fits. ^_~

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