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Gifts Otomi Babii: Merry Christmas ⥠-Nellie :3 : Happy Birthday! Have a fun one! ^_^ Haven Relis: I miss yoo too! (/^ .^)/ Lizinator03: now im hungry for breakfast. buhbye! Lizinator03: overrated... but i still want one..lol Lizinator03: also, i DO think apple phones are... Lizinator03: as of know would be obscene Lizinator03: which is sad cus the number accumilated Lizinator03: but at&t roll over only lasts for a year Lizinator03: the number was like 438574365 Lizinator03: cus, you know, we were curious! Lizinator03: so my dad & i checked our roll over min Lizinator03: because we had unlimited texting Lizinator03: but no one would ever call anyone Lizinator03: it had roll over minutes Lizinator03: i remembered my cellphone plan Lizinator03: the first time i found out... Lizinator03: btw, did you kno gifts accumilated? Lizinator03: oh, and lazy, too.... Lizinator03: i always feel bad for that Lizinator03: but really... its only 7. Lizinator03: "this will spam their gift section" Lizinator03: or Lizinator03: "lol this is going to piss them off" Lizinator03: its sad, because i always think Lizinator03: and get bored Lizinator03: but in reality i only send like 7 Lizinator03: i usually say id spam gifts Lizinator03: studying, wtf is that?!?! Lizinator03: its also exam week... Lizinator03: its actually kinda early in the morning Lizinator03: what is this, witch craft?! Lizinator03: WOAHdsaufids Lizinator03: Here begins your strawberry collection sasusaku 4ever: You are really sweet ^^ Felcie: Welcome back !! :) Thx for the gift ! =D Haven Relis: Merry Christmas! SojiRem: to my little sis :) sasusaku 4ever: ty =)) : Happy Birthday! Trade it in for MONEH!!! SojiRem: Miza gives you a b-day Gift. Kami-chan.x3: *huggles* Your a great friend.EAT POCKY! Kami-chan.x3: *huggles* Your a great friend.EAT POCKY!
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