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Hello people of theO here is my first challenge I'm creating so *crosses fingers* let's hope its good!

The theme of this Challenge is Fire and Ice which is a pretty simple theme I think. So there are three ways to fit the theme.

1st- Make a iwallie which the theme of fire somewhere in it. The wallpaper doesn't have to be purely of fire as long as fire is present in it.
Example 1 Example 2

2nd- Make a iwallie with the theme of Ice in it. Yet again it doesn't have to purely be ice as long as it is present. Also mentioning that snow can call into the theme of ice so snow is also acceptable.
Example 1Example 2

3rd- Make a iwallie with both the themes of fire and ice in it. As long as both fire and ice are present it counts in this category. (This one is probably the hardest)
Example 1 Example 2

Okay now for the rules!
1) You must do one of the 3 themes above because if you didn't well it's not really the challenge anymore
2) Give a link to your sources. The scan's link has to be in the description along with any textures or anything like that.
3) Change the image somehow. You can change the colors, add effects or anything like that have fun with it.
4) Follow theO rules (of course)
5) Unlimited entries (spam the backrooms)
6) You don't have to dedicate it to me but if you want to go ahead
7) HAVE FUN! That's the point of a challenge right?

1st Place- A medal, 2 iwallies (1 Random, 1 request) 1 normal wallie (request) and 20 icons
2nd Place- A medal, 2 iwallies (1 random, 1 request) and 10 icons
3rd Place- A medal, and 1 iwallie (1 request)

You have 2 months! Feel free to ask any questions! Can't wait to see what you guys post!

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To Fight For ~aka yuki
Cross the streets of Fire ~Hifsa
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