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Foschia and Damiano Dokuro

Not really knowing what to do next, Gokudera decided that he was going to go put the Ten Year Bazooka in his room for safekeeping until Lambo came back with I-Pin… whenever the hell they decided to show up again. Despite the fact Hibari’s little terror ran off somewhere, Kiyohiko, Haruhi and Masaru stuck to him like glue, making sure he had to carry the three out so that he was sure Masaru was not going to try to get the “extremely hot nee-san” back. He could only imagine what kind of commotion would happen if Haruhi suddenly switched places with her adult self on television. The Vongola could handle a single group of men, but an entire nation was stretching it.

Closing the door to his quarters, Gokudera wondered what he was going to now do with the three brats thrown over his shoulder. He could drop them right there and make a run for it, but that would be conforming to that “irresponsible sitter” bit (besides, he was convinced the children would just find him again and bother him twice as much). He could continue “playing” with the kids, but he was not all that sure if he would be able to stay out of joining in this time around.

Walking down the hall with the squirming kids, Gokudera pondered what he was going to do. Hmm… the ledge off the banister did not seem too bad…

“There you are!” shouted an accusing voice. Gokudera turned around and saw two children standing in the hallway; a boy and a girl… Chrome’s twins. It was rather fitting she had twins, he thought, being the relationship between her and Mukuro after all. The only sticking point was exactly who and how…

“You’re a bad babysitter!” the girl, Foschia, said, pointing at Gokudera. “Did you know we could have died in at least seventeen different ways by now?!”

“Sorella—Sister—please don’t be too hard on Zio Hayato,” said the boy said meekly. “There are a lot of us kids…”

“Nonsense!” the girl said. “You’re just too soft Damiano.” The girl may have looked like her mother, but had to have gained the exact opposite personality. It made Gokudera think that Chrome must have left the children with the Kokuyo gang far too often.

“Hi there Foschia-chan!” Haruhi said merrily, trying to greet the other girl from over Gokudera’s shoulder. “Where’d you run off to? We were playing baseball earlier and it would have been great to have two more people.”

“Really now?” the girl sounded less than amused. Gokudera let the kids down off his shoulder and all three ran up to the twins.

“Yeah! It was still really fun and Yohi-kun can now hit the ball!” The Eleventh looked a little embarrassed.

“It was thanks to Haruhi-san and Masaru-nii that I could hit the ball,” he said with a nervous grin. The Storm sighed at the future Boss’s lack of gusto, realizing that it was going to definitely be a lot of work training this one.

“Maybe we can practice together sometime!” Damiano said excitedly. He and Kiyohiko both laughed, both pleased that they would be able do something together that required physical activity. From what the only adult in the room remembered about both children, their athleticism was almost up to being able to play with those little triangular pieces of paper one flicks around in other people’s faces.

“Tch, you can hit a ball,” Foschia scoffed. “So what? Roku-san’s got me fencing.”

“Well, maybe we’re not all perfect like you,” Haruhi said, stepping between Kiyohiko and Foschia. Damiano side-stepped a little so he too was behind Haruhi. “I think you’re just a big bully. Your own brother is afraid of you.”

“Is that a challenge?” Foschia smirked.

“I’ll whip you any time.”

“…at a stupid sport.”

“Extreme catfight!”

Throwing all questions about why Masaru knew the term “catfight” aside, Gokudera quickly intervened and pulled the two girls apart by the backs of their necks. They dangled there in the air, trying to claw one another with little success. Masaru tried egging them on, but Kiyohiko and Damiano appeared to be on the verge of tears.

“Stop it you two, or both of you are going to be in a ton of trouble,” Gokudera sighed. The girls kept on fighting, however, not paying attention to the Guardian.

“This is just like boxing, but in the air!” Masaru cheered.

“Sorella, please stop!” Damiano cried.

“You shouldn’t fight her Haruhi!”

“She started it!”

“You’re just a stupid baseball idiot!” Déjà vu.

“Girls, shut up and calm down. What would your parents say if they saw you fighting like this?” Gokudera sighed. Both Haruhi and Foschia went limp at the thought.

“I have a baseball tournament when I get back home and Dad said I had to be good until then!”

“You don’t have to answer to Chikusa-san for punishment! He’s scary!”

Gokudera put down the whimpering girls, feeling a sense of accomplishment. He opened his mouth to give a speech on how Family members should cooperate, even if they dislike one another, but before he could utter a sound, Foschia sideswiped Haruhi and the girls ended up wrestling on the ground. Masaru began cheering and the other two boys were literally crying at the sight. The Storm just grumbled.

Suddenly, Gokudera winced and held in what would have been quite the loud string of profanities—Osamu had returned and was once again biting the man’s leg.


- - - - - - - - - - - - -

A/N: sorella = sister
foschia = mist (for real)

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02/04/09 (Originally Created: 01/27/09)
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