Flint Badly Written Fan Fiction Time!

Oh, it's time! Time for some horribly-written and executed fanfiction!

In this contest, I want YOU, the fanfiction artiste, to write the worst of the worst, the creme de la crap, the black-tar dredge of fanfiction. Got a Mary-Sue you've been meaning to try out? Break that bad girl out, man! Have some inane plot twists or insane character deviations? Crank 'em out! Now's the time to show the world how good you are at tearing up a beloved work with the power of words!

GUIDELINES (not so much rules, but...):

-You can write about anything you want. Just be sure to tell the audience what it is you're writing about. Think outside the box! I want to see some innovative and artful destruction of franchises nobody would think of writing fanfiction about!

-Be creative! Create some really horrid plotlines, flat-out bad character development! Just pander to the lowest form of life with your writings!

-Above all else, have fun!

There you go, folks. You have a month. Go forth, and wreak havoc!

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