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"Well, it appears we have won the battle," stated Kakashi Hatake as he put away his Sharigan.

"Yeah, who'd have thought taking down Sasuke would be so easy?" replied Naruto Uzumaki as he tightened his headband.

"Is it over?" asked Sakura.

"Yes. Sasuke took his own life when it seemed all was lost for him. He took Madara with him though," Kakashi answered.

Sakura looked down at the ground as she tried to hold back her tears.

"Sasuke... you fool!" she spoke to herself quietly. Naruto placed his hand upon her shoulder and she looked up.

"I'm sorry Sakura... I couldn't keep my promise," he replied. "I failed you..."

"Naruto... it's okay. You did all that you could. Even when staring down death from Sasuke, Madara, Akatsuki, even Danzo, you never gave up... all for me."

", not just for you," he said. "At first it was just for you. I wanted us to be a team again, but that wouldn't be. With so much as stake, I stopped thinking about only you. Konohamaru, Iruka-sensei, Grandma Tsunade, our friends, their families, and everyone who died in the name of defending our village... I thought of them all. Sasuke wouldn't allow himself to be saved. In the end, he wanted to die more by his own hand than be saved by mine. I finally understand what Jiraiya told me long ago..."

As Naruto entered the village, still rebuilding after the attack with aid from the other villages, people stood in the streets cheering his name and Kakashi's as well. He stood before the very village that would've scorned him three years ago a hero much like his father.

"Way to go knucklehead!"
"Go Naruto!"
"Three cheers for Naruto!"

All of a sudden, a great rumbling shook the ground as Naruto and the rest of the Hidden Leaf Village looked above their heads to find giant robots coming out of a tear in space and time. One looked streamlined with glittery green trails jetting from it as it moved. One looked more cube like with a giant sword in one of its blocky hands. And the last one was more biological in structure and design.

"Take this! My love, my pain, and all of my sorrow! SHINING FINGER!"
"Eureka, watch out! Readings show that blast will destroy anything in its path!"
"Just you watch! I'm better than Shinji and Rae. I AM BETTER!"

"Hey, what's going on?" asked a guy in a black suit with a red shirt and green scarf hanging over his shoulders.
"Looks like an anime mecha fight," said a skinny man with a panda on his head.

"Hey! That's from Neon Genisis Evangelion! Oh, and that one is from the original Gundam series. And that's from Eureka 7!" spouted a man with nice hair, a lab coat, and glasses.
"Otacon, what happened?" said a man in camo coming out from under a cardboard box.
"I'm not sure Snake. It seems like some crazy transdimetional convergence is occuring in which time and space no longer have boundaries or even a sense of reality. This is like one of my Japanese animes!"
"Dammit Otacon, get a grip!"

"Well, looks like we'll be having more people than I thought," Kakashi replied.

So despite not knowing what was going on, everybody ate ramen and only showed real concern when strange metal creatures who yelled "Exterminate!" came raining from the sky and killing everyone in sight. Luckily, this never happened so Naruto can wake up after drinking bad milk again.

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11/30/-1 (Originally Created: 12/03/09)
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