Okay guys so I did this challenge before and I liked it and others liked it as well! I was happy to know, and so it is here again! THE SIDEWAYS CHALLENGE IS BACK!!

Here are the rules as before

Because I love The Birthday Massacre’s song “Sideways” I have decided to create a challenge for this!

Okay guys the song is basically about how you go on through your life and memories are forgotten and cannot be retrieved. I would like you guys to create a story that surrounds a single character who is forgetting and losing memory over time. You may use any type of memory it can be made up or it can reflect a memory that you have moved away from and can’t quite remember what it was about.

You can’t go back to that memory as you know such as a time of a birthday party, first kiss, first date, moving away, and other memories that you have moved away from and can’t quite remember.


1. I want a believable memory even if it is made up. It has to make me believe that it really happened.

2. It doesn’t have to be an O.C. (though I prefer that it was). It can be a character that you like. You may use only ONE character for this and it has to be in first person narrative.

3. It has to include the line: Fall to the floor; watching sideways This line comes from the song so it must be used otherwise it wouldn’t be the “Sideways Challenge now would it”. And please highlight the phrase so to let me know that you have indeed added it!!

It can be a scary memory, a happy memory, a sad memory, a weird memory, a bad memory, or a wicked memory. Whatever the memory it has to be believable. Even if the characters are fictional creatures the memory itself has to be believable! There’s no limit to how many times you may enter. It can be in poem form or a short story. So enjoy this one and make this good guys!

Winner will get a gift of their choosing and a short story written about them by me according to how the winner would like it to be written to be posted on my world and their world. However you want the story to be I will write it. Only if the winner would like me to do it!

2nd place winner will receive two gifts of their choosing

3rd place winner will receive one gift of their choosing

Hope you enjoy this challenge!

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