Just like my heart KiKaiya

This is for phantomgirl21's Sideways challenge!
Song listened to/helped inspired by: Our Let It Be by Hatsune Miku
I hope you enjoy. ^^;

Just like my Heart
A lost story


Everyone knows about the Soul Mate principle. It’s one soul split in two and given to two different people, destined to be together, to reunite later in life.

Many dreamers believe in it, hopeless romantics waiting in the wing for their one true love, ridiculed by the nonbelievers and ‘practical’ thinkers. They criticize the dreamers on their belief. Maybe they are right… after all not everyone gets their happy ending; some even stay waiting right up till the very end.

But what if you knew your Soul Mate? What if you, knew, that they were the person that you are supposed to be with? What if he was your friend, your very best friend? And what if he disappeared…


“This will hold us together,” the young boy said. “They’re from the same string and even though we cut them they will always hold an invisible bond to each other. It ties us together.”

“Isn’t this from Ms. Woodson’s craft assignment in class?” The young girl said holding up the little piece of string and inspecting it in the sun’s light, a slight frown on her face.

“That doesn’t matter right now. Don’t worry, it’s not like we are going to get into trouble over it.” His light laughter carried over the breeze of summer’s afternoon, causing the girl to blush in embarrassment at being laughed at.

“I-I know. But you are supposed to use that to tie your card.”

“This just seemed more important.” He said with a smile on his face, always a smile, as he reached for the girl’s right hand. Taking her pinky finger and tying the small piece of red string to it before doing the same to himself.

“To see each other again!” He stated with a wide contagious smile and held up his tied pinky finger to the girl.

“To next year,” she said, naively; a smile growing on her face. “At the same spot.”

I watched as she raised her own pinky to the child in front of her. All I could ever do was watch. As their small fingers clasped together, the red strings standing out in contrast against the now overcast afternoon.

’Words fade as time goes by. Without you, without you. Fall to the floor. We're watching sideways-‘”


I woke up with a start to the sound of my bedside radio going off. Yelling at me, by blasting songs into my room, to not be late for my first class at this small outlining college I have been going to for the past year. Lazily reaching out into the betwixt moments of darkness and light, to silence the demonic contraption. And only then, in the silence of morning and still dazed in a half sleep, does the face, which haunts my dreams, appears and brings on these small flashes.

These dreams never do seem to stay long enough with me to piece them together and figure them out though. And after they fade all that seems to stay with me is the haunting feeling of forgetting.

And the worst part about that is I know; deep down, these dreams are things that I don’t want to forget. Or at least, not the boy held within them.

If only the child knew. Maybe then she wouldn’t have taken for granted those precious moments, and maybe now they wouldn’t be just a faded memory held tight by dreams. The only things left over from that time now are those small fragments of moments stolen in a grassy field behind a small country town school… and a little piece of string.

Still holding on after all these years, just like my heart.


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11/30/-1 (Originally Created: 03/07/12)
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