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Forgotten Doll
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Hi there~ This is Nikokami's Forgtten Doll~ It's a short oneshot (REALLY SHORT) and it's only 6 pages long not including title page...

Now~ This is a lesson for all you ppl. Don't pick up pretty dolls in the attic. EVER. I got the idea from that old clown story who holds up the fingers. You know that one where the boy buys a clown doll with a victory sign and the shop keeper tells the mom to never leave the child alone? And then the mom goes out and leaves the child alone with the clown doll and when she comes back, she can't find the child and the clown is now holding up 3 fingers instead? yeah~

I loved creepy stories when I was small and personally, I don't think this one is creepy at all~ I actually think it's really sweet~ I like the happy ending... but my friends say it is an sad ending... hmm well... I guess it's up to your own perspective of the ending~

WARNING: If you don't like horror than don't read. If you do than I highly doubt you'll count this as an horror! ^^ Please read this and comment please~ I need comments to fill my overly large ego~ tehe~

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