Groovy Boar (Fan Art Portfolio) Jenna + Zamboni 2023

Jenna + Zamboni 2023
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I wasnt aware of this challenge but coincidentally Ive drawns ocs... so why not. it's been centuries since I've joined a challenge. oh memories.

Jenna and Zamboni are ones of my dearest ocs. and I have too many (mostly pokemon gijinka and D&D characters i played as.) They are a crobat and krookodile gijinkas but nowaydays I almost never draw with pokemon features. also they get shabbier and punkier everytime i draw them.ahah. I used to roleplay I lot with them and I just love them. their design and their relationship mostly. so here it is.

Currently in a art block, haven't touched a pencil in weeks! That's too bad since I've have ideas for things to draw. In the meantime I've finished a Jenna and Zamboni piece because their my comfort zone and also i like to draw them at least once a year. This time I went for a new look and something very classical like money bags and jewels like I used to always draw them. It definitely stupid and trashy, very fitting for them. Also for not leaving the background completely empty I've tried an explosion. Im not sure I did well. But perfect for them *insert cool guys don't look at explosions here* I hope to do more very soon...!

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