Alchemic Mushroom Your Original Character

This challenge is easy, just draw your original character!

I don't care if this OC is from your original story, or if it's a character you created for fanfiction, they just have to be an OC!


  • Full body drawing of OC.
  • Include a description of who your character is and what their world is like!
  • New drawing please. Maybe you've drawn your OC before, but please don't submit old art. Let's see something fresh!
  • Black and white, or full color, it does not matter.

Thats it. That is all you need to do! I will judge the entries based on effort. Skill level isn't as important as how much time and attention you gave to your character!

The winner will receive one India ink drawing of their OC by me.
Have fun creating your masterpiece~! I can't wait to see what you draw!

This art challenge concludes on March 7, however due to a change in my work schedule starting tomorrow, I may not be able to pick a winner until the 8th or 9th! So be patient and good luck everyone!

Great work everyone and thanks for being patient with my new work schedule! Thank you to every body for entering the Original Character art challenge! I was so happy to meet everyone's OC! All of the art entries were excellent. I can tell you all put a lot of love and effort into drawing and writing your original characters.


Out of all of the amazing OCs that entered the challenge, I chose Kita by kita mikichi as our winner! The thing I love most about OCs is their story. I like to know who this character is and what kind of world they come from. Kita had more than just a character description, she has an entire theOtaku world dedicated to her Eternal Rain story! That's really impressive! Congrats Kita!

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