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Loki Profile Picture
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I wasn't happy at all with Loki's old profile picture... the anatomy and the coloring were awful! they made my poor eyes burn! ༼ ಥ﹏ಥ ༽ So I decided to draw another one, and to redesign him a little in the meantime.

First off now he has short hair, I actually changed his hairstyle to make him look a little bit older since he's 28 already.. I'm not sure if it worked, but I'm happy with the new look. Then I wanted to give him a leather jacket! *-* Since Loki it's half snake he has quite a cold blood that makes him more sensitive to the cold. Normally Loki would like to keep himself warm with other types of activities but for the everyday life he will wear his beloved leather jacket. since Loki doesn't have any of Seviper's markings I tried to put all of Seviper colors in the design of the jacket. I imagine there's also a Seviper head on the back of the jacket, one day I'll probably draw him on the back to better show his Butt jacket. he has a Black Sludge necklace, and those things on his leg are Butterfly Knives (while his main knives are more a kind of Ontario Spec Plus Knives) Butterfly knives are not only used for knife fighting, but also to do cool tricks of course Loki knows them all and uses more to impress the ladies than fighting. Of course all of his knives are poisoned with his own venom*

So that's about it. I'm happy I've finally had the time to re do his profile picture eve if leather it's such a pain to draw.. Urgh.. and Jenna wears a red leather jacket too. FUUUUU (ノ ̄д ̄)ノ

Loki's profile it's as alwayshere

Stay Groovy ;-)

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