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Loki Jörmungandr

Name: Loki Jörmungandr
Pokèmon: Seviper
National #: 336
Title: Fang Snake Pokémon
Type of Pokèmon: Poison
Nicknames: /
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Birthday: 1st of January
Sign: Capricorn

Nature: Impish. Loki is a playful and mischievous person; his personal life philosophy is to always have the best from every situation with the least worries. He’s a skilled person that can count on his cunning and audacity to get out of troubles.

Held Items: Black Sludge, two knives poisoned with his own venom, and kit with burglary tools (stored in his esophagus)

Ability: Shed Skin (The Pokémon may heal its own status conditions.), Infiltrator (Passes through the opposing Pokémon's barrier and strikes.)

Attacks: Dark Pulse, Poison Jab, Crunch, Lick, Poison Tail, Venoshock, Poison Fang, Night Slash, Toxic, Earthquake, Flamethrower, Sludge Bomb, Payback, X-Scissor.

Weak Against: Ground, Psychic
Height: 176 cm (5’9?)
Weight: 69 kg (152 lb.?)
Hair Color: Purple
Hair Length: Medium long and straight.
Eye Color: Red with snake pupils
Skin Tone: Almond

Build: Athletic (his legs are more muscular than his chest/arms)
Markings/Scars: Even though he was wounded several times, he has no scars thanks to his Shed Skin ability.
Tattoos: /
Piercings: He always wears earrings that resemble Seviper’s red fangs.
Job: Criminal (Specialized in burglary, public indecency and escapes)

Appearance: Loki is a good looking young man; he loves leather and always wears leather pants and jackets. He carries at least two knives with him. Being a snake makes him really elastic so he doesn’t have problem to free himself from handcuffs or slithers in narrow places. Loki has venom sacs inside his cheeks and long pointy fangs just like a Seviper; he also has a forked tongue. (And a firm ass).No matter how big it is, he never chew his food, swallowing it whole.

Personality: Loki likes to find new ways to avoid work. He’s a friendly guy and gets along with everyone, as long as people don’t get annoying or bossy towards him. He is kind of a pervert, and likes to tease people with indecent proposals and sexual innuendos. But if someone isn’t interested or bothered by his behavior, he would stop immediately. Loki doesn’t like quarrels, so he’ll try to avert discussion leaving or ignoring the other person.

Orientation: Bisexual
Significant Other: Salazar the Serperior
Rival: Every Zangoose on earth.
Family: Mother and father (Sevipers) Valentine (Gothitelle-adoptive father-deceased), Derek (Bisharp-Adoptive brother), Lavinia (Cinccino-Adoptive sister)
Hometown: Village Bridge - Unova

Likes: Leather, alcohol, cheerful people and his boyfriend
Dislikes: Bossy or possessive people, Zangooses, being forced to do something (by authority or psychics moves for example)
Fears: He suffers of hydrophobia (he’s not afraid of water, he just can’t dive)
Strength: Escapes, break open every kind of lock or safe, sneak in tight places.
Weaknesses: putting effort in things, serious conversation.

Battle Style: Loki doesn’t like to get troubles, and he’s also a terrible slacker, so he’ll always try to avoid fights, preferring to escape (in which he excels). But if he has to fight, he has different types of skills:
• Poison: Loki is a pure poison type, so he has very strong venom. The toxins that can injects by biting (Toxic) can both paralyze or (with a larger quantity) be deadly, acting on the vascular system, bringing about coagulation of the blood and clotting of the pulmonary arteries. Loki almost never uses poison to kill, preferring to use it to make harmless the opponent.
• Knives: Loki is very skilled in the use of knives. He knows different grips for both offensive and defensive use. He also has additional skills in footwork and rapid defensive body movements. Using his knives he surely won’t aim to vital points. (With rare exceptions like really dangerous opponents and Zangooses). Loki usually poisons the knives with his own venom.
• Choking: Another way to quickly finish the fight it’s by choking the foe to making him passing out. Loki will try to use triangle chokes since he has more strength in his legs, but he can use arms chokes as well.


Food: Pepper roasted chicken
Drink: Wine (both red and white)
Color: Black
Season: Winter
Activity: drinking, stealing and teasing people.


Loki was born in Village Bridge. When he was little he loved to stay outside to play in the sports courts, and his parents left him be since the town was usually a calm place and he was an intelligent kid, so they just used to warn him to stay distant from the river. One day he was playing around with the other kids as usual, but a quarrel begun and was inadvertently pushed into the river. The other kids immediately sounded the alarm, and everyone began the search of the boy. The current was too strong to swim and there was little chance that a child could survive, so after a couple of days Loki was given up for dead, with great grief of his parents.

In fact Loki survived holding on to a plank, and had been carried by the current to the Castelia city sewers. Wet and frightened by the experience he decided to stop at the point where he had arrived and waiting for his parents to come and get him. But soon he got hungry and decided to find something to eat and then go back to his point. Wandering in the sewers, suddenly over the stench of Grimer he felt a smell of food and following it happened in a blind alley to the surface that it was the hideout of a small gang of hooligans from the city. Although Loki knew it was a dangerous situation, the hunger was big and the smell of food irresistible, so he decided to try to steal just a little something to fill his stomach.

Being a small and agile boy he tried to sneak without showing off but was eventually discovered. The men did not appreciate the attempt of theft and although it was only a child they caught him to teach him a lesson. Loki was trying to break free and slide like a snake to escape without any success when suddenly a slender and elegant man appeared. He was bizarrely dressed (especially for someone wandering around in the sewers) covered with bows and laces and carried a nice decorated parasol with him. The latter, after having presented himself by the name of Valentine started talking affably of the mysteries of the universe and the stars, saying that their movement had revealed him about a boy in danger, and how he, being a model citizen, had decided to go to the place and date indicated by the stars to save him. The thugs, who until that moment had contemplated speechless that gothic fop, felt fooled by his relaxed and dandy manners and approached him menacing to beat him. In response Valentine simply hung them on the wall with psychic, and the few unfortunate who weren’t affected by psychic moves received a hit of parasols between the legs.

After that the man approached Loki with a smile and decided took him to his house, since he couldn’t just leave him alone in a big city like Castelia city. He already had two other children without family that he had adopted. Loki was happy to have found a safe place to wait for his parents, but after a few months he had lost hope thinking that they had forgotten about him. So he remained with Valentine who adopted him as a son and grew up with the other kids that became his siblings. His older brother, a Pawniard, was a cool and responsible guy who always looked over his younger siblings when Valentine was away; while his little sister was a cute Minccino, much younger and innocent than his brothers. His new father was surely an odd person, but he was also loving and kind. Loki and his siblings were always together and usually wandered thought the city, where there always something to do or see. His brother even taught him how to use knives to fight.

When they were old enough they started to do part-time works, but sometimes when the money weren’t enough they just stole what they needed, without their father knowing about it. Loki was quite silent and quick, so was a good thief. He loved his family and Castelia city was an interesting place to live, so he had a happy life. The years passed, and Loki and his siblings became young adults. Every night Valentine was used to observe the stars to predict the course of the future. One night he saw that his life was almost at an end, and seen that his offspring were now independent, he decided to leave and die alone to not make them suffer. So one day, while his children were away, he took what little he needed and left for an unknown destination, leaving a letter where asked them to don’t look for him. Being their father an unpredictable person, Loki and Derek were not very surprised by this and decided to respect his will, but Lavinia, who had always been the most caring and affectionate of the three, set off immediately to find him. Derek also decided to leave to seek his fortune elsewhere, and so the two took leave from his brother with the promise to keep in touch with each other and find themselves from time to time.

Loki, left alone, decided to remain at Castelia city, having never thought about future plans. One day, while he was stealing, he noticed a small man watching him. In the beginning Loki did not give much importance to it, but since the little man continued to follow him, judging him silently, he decided to approach him to settle the matter. The young man introduced himself as a businessman who was looking for young talents like him to whom impart his knowledge. He promised him that if Loki would had joined him would have had money and power, and with these and other words made him sign a contract (obviously without reading it, reading is too much effort) in which he offered himself to work for the "renowned" Team Nero in exchange a small percentage of what he could steal.

Anyway it didn’t took much time for Loki to realize how much he hated his new boss. Leucer was arrogant, bossy and always ordered Loki to do mysterious tasks for him without explaining the purpose. Surely he was intelligent, and whenever Loki didn’t know something he just had to ask him, since it seemed like he always had an answer ready to any question. For whichever problem they encountered on their way, he knew what to do. Leucer too felt loathing towards Loki, but was unwilling to get rid of him, on the opposite, he seemed interested in keeping him close, under his control.

Loki had no intention to spend the rest of his life working for such a pretentious man like him, and he couldn’t care less for the stupid contract that he signed, so he was resolved to leave the Team and make something else with his life. So one night, instead to return to his boss to report, he left, determined to put as much distance as he could from Leucer. Loki knew that Leucer would have searched for him and that he was particularly good at finding people, so decided to hide to the bad part of town for some time, hoping that such aristocratic failure like Leucer would be too disgusted to follow him and eventually giving up and leave him alone.

Wandering through the semi-dark narrow street and the blind alleys, he made an unfortunate encounter: A Zangoose Gijinka. Not a group of Zangooses, or a big bulky one, but a simple, normal Zangoose girl. She even looked younger than him. But despite all this, at the mere sight of each other, both Zangoose and Seviper felt an ancient hatred that madetheir blood boil. Without even thinking about it, Loki already had grabbed his knives and was charging the girl, who was running in his direction with his same aim: kill or be killed. The battle was short, but bitter and violent for both parts, but Loki won at the end. Afterwards he stood still for hours, incapable of thinking of anything, still blinded from rage, and when he eventually regain came to his senses, he found himself next to the ripped corpse. Deep down he didn’t regretted his action, since the rivalry against Zangooses was part of him, but since he didn't know what to do Loki immediately panicked.

At that moment someone arrived in the alley, and it was Leucer, that had witnessed the entire scene, having been on Loki’s tail since he left. Even if he hated him, Loki couldn’t help but feel happy that Leucer was there, since he could have helped him to cover that terrible incident, and indeed he helped him. Like he was an expert on the subject, Leucer took care of everything, from getting rid of the body to make sure to not leave any DNA with accuracy and cold-heartedness. After that Leucer started to blackmail Loki, telling him that he would have gone to denounce him to the police if he wouldn’t start to submit and obey him. Scared by the thought going to prison and losing his freedom, Loki bitterly surrendered to him.

So Loki continued to work for Leucer trying to never make him angry, even if the hatred between them was even stronger than before. Life was becoming really disappointing and hard for Loki, but luckily for him, after some months he met a sweet man named Salazar and fell in love with him. Unfortunately Leucer, whose watchful eyes never missed anything, started to threaten Loki to harm Salazar in many different ways, if he would rebel to him or try to ruin his plans. “the more you get, the more you can lose.” Use to say Leucer to him, and so to this day Loki continue to serve him submissively, knowing that he won’t never get rid of him.

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