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Ghost Gijinka 2
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Second part of my Ghost gijinkas!!

(first is here)

From left to right:

Dusek Volgrimp the Dusknoir,
the classy ghost~ He always wear the monocle, and if he takes it off, well.. it's a bad sign! His grey hair make him look older than he really is, but he doesn't mind.

Cara Phantomb the Cofagrigus,
and Shadow behind her~ She is by far the kindest and innocent girl in the group; she may look like a lady, but inside she has the mind of a child, and loves to learn new things!

Mist Fearcanief the Mismagius,
the most famous of the group XD I don't think we'll need a description for her, right?

Jiang Kinren the Jellicent,
a quiet, old man; he loves to live in peace and paint. He is usually very patient, but in case of very annoying people, he won't hesitate in shooting a Hydro Pump straight at their face! He is usually seen cleaning around or relaxing.

Hywel Nightfall the Honedge,
the Sword Collector. He owns a book with all famous swords listed. He is constantly is search of new ones, that usually lead him into traps or dangerous situation. He believes that the legandary sword Excalibur is hidden in the Lake of Rage, and he wants to challenge the Red Gyarados to gain it.

Therra Grymwood the Trevenant,
fierce and strong-willed woman. She loves nature and will hunt down everyone who dares to ruin it; she is often seen with a Fletchling around her, or in her hair~

Giada Stargrave the Golurk,
Knight of the Golurk order, serious and strong, she loves fighting and training. Some says she is great at baking~

Pradosh O'Narzhan the Pumpkaboo,
the younger of the group; he loves stories and knows lots of legends~ He gets along with everyone and with him it's impossible to get lost somewhere! (the only bad thing about this is that he always talks XD)

More information on some of them will be found in my world The Haunted House! there you'll find full profiles!

The next part will feature the remaining ghosts: Shedinja and Rotom! (I will draw all Rotom's forms~)

Thanks for reading!
Hope you'll like! ^w^

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