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The Elemental Knights
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please be kind I know I suck at graphic things but I tried my best!!!!

*sigh* so here are my other gijinkas,

Raibert Thundr the Raikou
The youngest of the three, and the most childish. His stormy cloud cape allows him to fly and everytime he screams it sounds like a thunder cracking the sky. his surname "Thundr" is from Norse Mythology and it means "thunders/sea storms".

Engel Hitann the Entei
The oldest of the three, and the wisest one. He doesn't talk a lot and he normally stays near Ho-Oh's tower. his flames are the hottest of all fire types and he can make a volcano erupt just by stomping violently the ground. His surname "Hitann" is from Norse Mythology and it means "heat".

Svadilfari Fyris the Suicune
The calmest and most heroic one. He's always polite and good looking, and he can purify water with just one touch. He can walk on every watery surface and can breath underwater. His surname "Fyris" is from Norse Mythology and means "river"

yes I am obsessed with norse Mythology ok? XD

all of them are open to RP!!

I hope you'll like them :D

if anyone would like to see a better quality of them individually, I'll upload them here!! just ask ok? :D

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elemental knights, Engel, Entei, Fyris, gijinka, Hitann, legendary beasts, Raibert, Raikou, Suciune, Svadilfari, Thundr
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