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[Posted on Sakura Land on June 22nd]


Okay. I sound like a right bossyboots, but I'm serious. What I am about 2 tell u could change v f8 of v entire planet.
Okay, so it started when I logged on 2 theO. I noticed I had a PM. V subject was: "Are you ready?" I didn't recognise v sender, but I was curious. (Besides, I don't think u can send attachments on a PM, let alone viruses.) The message was even weirder. As soon as I clicked on v screen, everything else blacked out & I could only c v screen. V message read "Time to play!" Then everything went white.
When I woke up I got v shock of my life. The world around me was pure blackness, with glowing 0s & 1s floating around. There was also a simple door. Seeming as there was no other place 2 go, I went through it. This may sound like a bucketload of gobbledygook, but I ended up in TheO. Like actually in it. @-@ And of course, I was still like WTF? Luckily, there were other members here as well, including my subscriber hackerblackrose. (I didn't recognise her at 1st.) That was comforting. We were discussing what the frick had happened when a group of dark viruses & Trojans burst in through v same door I came through, hellbent on erasing us from existence.
Instead of fighting, my brain went in2 "Fight or flight". Actually, flight mode. I froze with fear and screamed "HOLY S**T!" I am so fricking grateful 4 hackerblackrose. She opened an escape door 4 me in2 another part of theO with her sword. "U can create a costume & weapons 4 yourself," she exclaimed. "I recommend u get some of your OCs 2 help u. Anything is possible in cyberspace. Trust me."
"Thank u!" I screamed as she disappeared from sight. I then knew that I had 2 go 2 my Madoka Magica-based doujinshi and get v 2 main characters, Anna & Lotte 2 help me. And it was no picnic. V fan comics section was already infected, so I rushed 2 my portfolio. I reckon Otakuites were v last on their list of priorities. Using this time, I decided 2 try & transform. I decide 2 b a magic swordswoman as I wasn't particularly sure what my weapon was gonna b. V costume I chose was v same 1 I designed 4 my Drawn 2 Life heroine. (Sorry, Kiki.) I also had a pair of pinkish-white wings. So, taking a deep breath & focusing, I shouted "Pink Chocolate! Sakura Powers Activ8!" V transformation was successful 1st time. Feeling a little more cheerful since my costume was so cute, I then headed 2 Zaubermädchen Anna Magica via my portfolio and again, using v power of my imagination, pulled Anna and Lotte, 2 magical girls out of v cover. After recovering from their WTF mood, they stared @ me. In a Darth Vader-esque voice, I told them: "Anna, Lotte, I am your mother."
"That's impossible," they said simultaneously. Anna already had a mother & I looked nothing like her anyway, and Lotte's was dead. "I created u," I xplained. "U r products of my imagination." After telling them v whole story, they felt duty-bound 2 come with me. B4 we return 2 v homepage though, I wanted 2 send out a call 4 help on my world, Sakura Land. (Again, untouched by dark viruses & Trojans-yet.) And this is where u come in. I haven't v slightest clue where they come from, but, if we don't stop them, and I'm deadly fricking serious here, everything & everyone we love will be destroyed. So, I swear it's only Cardcaptor Ryoko reading this sometimes, but if u r reading this, please, PLEASE do anything & everything within your power 2 help destroy this evil. And don't forget 2 tell your friends.
Wish me luck. 2 b honest, fighting still scares v crap out of me, even though I have squillions of spells @ my disposal and a sword infused with pink magic.
I don't want 2 die. I'm also worried that I'll never c my family again. *starts crying* Anna, Lotte, do u guys have anything 2 say?
Lotte: Hi guys. *v following sentence is said sombrely* If there's 1 thing I've learnt as a Magical Girl, it's that dying is a part of life. Oh, and if a weird cat-thing asks u if u want 2 b a magical girl in return 4 any wish u want, whatever u do, DON'T SAY YES. I can guarantee you'll regret it.

Anna: Good luck people! Apparently these viruses r even worse than *spits* Adolf Hitler and v Nazis as they don't give 2 hoots about which race of people they kill. So please help us! ^-^

Wish us luck,

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TheOtaku Internet Battle 2013
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