TheOtaku Internet Battle 2013

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First challenge, so i hope everything goes well!
Ok, so lets get started with the brief. *claps hands together*

Who remembers the Otaku Battle Royal made by YoursTruly? :D
Well i would say that this is somewhat similar as its an Otaku battle, but then its very different in many ways. -u-

[EDIT] Prizes changed very slightly. Replaced drawing your competition self design with drawing any character of your choice.

Prizes up for grabs:

Δ. 1st Place: Medal & bust shot in semi realism of any of your own OC's, fan characters.

Δ. 2nd Place: Medal & 1 cell shade colour chibi of your character/self which you have created for this competition & 1 2 soft shade colour chibi of your own OC/fan character/real person.

Δ. 3rd Place: Medal & 1 cell shade colour chibi of your character/self which you have created for this competition. any OC/fan character/real person you want.

(adding these examples to make things easier)
Cell shade example: LINK
Soft shade example: LINK
Semi realism: You should know what that is ^^

Bio: One day you are on theO browsing art and minding your own business when you notice a PM pop up in your message box. Intrigued to see what it is you open your inbox and continue to stare at the title of the message as it reads ‘Are you ready?’ Clicking on the email to see the message inside, suddenly all your surroundings black out and the only light emitted is the dull blue glow of your screen.
As you start to panic or shed concerned thoughts, 3 words appear onto your screen ‘Time to play!’ Before everything instantaneously whites out.

You wake up and find you have now been transported into the cyber realm which houses the infinity of the internet and many other dark places.
A door is placed in front of you, you continue to open it and find yourself teleported to the website you were just on, theOtaku.
Realizing that you are not alone as other members are also here with you, you decide to team up and discuss actions regarding this strange event.

Soon after you settle down, the same door is bust open and a group of dark Trojans and Viruses pour in to erase you from existence.

Your only option is to use the skill of art and to create your own weapons and armour to protect yourself and fight against the darkness spreading through the net.
Can you succeed? Or will everything you have ever cherished be wiped clean as you disappear from the world!


Δ. Due to the fact you are now in the cyber world and not in the natural world you can bend the laws of physics making almost anything possible.
Feel free to use your skills in drawing to quickly conjure up things to use against and protect you from these nasty beings.

Δ. You can use the help of your OC’s to back you up and fight with you as you attempt to vanquish the reapers.

Δ. Weaponry can be physical (swords, bow and arrow, mace etc…) or also conjured up from your mind or the surroundings (magic, telekinesis, elemental control etc…)

You have 3 months to create an image showing the design of yourself (with added OC’s if needed) ready before you attempt to fight.

Δ. You also have to give a reasonable length description, in your written area when submitting, explaining about yourself and your abilities and what you would do in this situation.

The images wont be judged solely on artistic ability, they will be judged mostly on the design of yourself and how you would treat this situation. But please do try your best with making the image look good too! Also I wont be judging alone, so my opinions wont be biased.

Δ. No rough sketches or not finished works accepted! Also It is not compulsory to have a background in your image.

Δ.1 submission per person. Traditional or digital. Try and get everything on one image please.

Δ. Lastly have fun and enjoy yourself. Everything is left to rest in your hands now. Good luck!

(i will add things if i get questions and i find that it needs to be listed)

Comments on art are only kept brief to only show appreciation. No favouritism/biasedness intended.

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