hackerblackrose (Fan Art Portfolio) Rose enters into Cyber Space

Rose enters into Cyber Space
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The armor is inspired by .hack designs mainly being blackrose, but it is original. (Basing it off of my username). I was trying to make it warrior/mage since that is what my skills are for this cyber battle.

Basically I created myself to fight this battle of viruses and trojans, I use the element of fire and my weapon of choice is a sword. I can burn my foes or slash them in half. I can also combine the fire with my sword, but that takes a lot of myself so let's just save it for the boss battle.(or a huge army of them!) I actually tie my hair back into a braid so it is easier to battle, no glasses needed in cyber space I have 20/20 vision ;D Keeping my armor light so I can move a lot more faster to defeat my foes. I can also use my legs to kick or knee the enemy for my legs have armor on them too. My username is embedded into my sword so people know who I am Hackerblackrose ♥ I am here to protect people who can not fight and to defeat the source of the viruses and trojans!

I actually just learned about this challenge just a few days ago..... XD I really enjoy creating myself for this internet battle ♥ I use ink pens and color pencils to create this. It took me a good 6 hours to do the design was hard at first >.< I really hope you guys enjoy and I hope that is long enough. I think it is?

Love, Rose ♥

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