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Jack of All trades
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And a master of sod all XD

This is my entry for Ebbiru’s challenge; ‘TheOtaku Internet Battle 2013’:)

My weapons/strengths for this challenge is; Magical powers, intelligence (:P), and rather agile (paranoid ninja!) and my oc’s

Weaknesses; Strength, Water (DX), crowds, panics easily.

In this reality I have magical powers and my oc’, my oc’s are kept in cards to keep them safe from any viruses, art thieves, and so on and that I can call them up whenever they are need or when I am lonely, but they can call themselves out if they can sense something I can’t. They have little icons so it makes it easy to select the required ones easily, (as seen in this image is a crescent moon = Ozzy, butterfly = Hazel, flower = Jessie and film strip = Dewey)

I have no weapons other than the magic, books and my oc’s. My oc’s all have their own weapons/fighting methods of choice.

Outfit just general clothes, easy to move in, some ¾ jeans, and t-shirts (band, or with a character on it) but with cool long swishy coat, no defender of anything is complete without a long swishy coat, just ask the tenth Doctor! The bottom of the coat has a little white strip that has images of various forms of making art work, which refers back to the title, I am a Jack of all trades which means that I can turn my hand to doing most things. Music would be my only form of protection.

I can be counted on, I am trustworthy, I am always there but verbally quite! I always work hard, though that can cause to exhaustion and dramatic falling or panicking and have a full mental breakdown! Quite agile in a situation, but other times can trip over my own feet.
Peculiar by nature, with a complex sense of humour, but a very good ally to have!

Why magic as my main power? Well because I am British, therefore I am MAGIC! XD
(God! I need to sleep more ¬_¬)

I like how this has turned out, I kinda wished I had more time to make new images of my oc’s to put in their cards but I have other things I need to finish and get done, so I can’t, but if I ever get enough time to do them I will, but other than that I’m quite happy with it, I tried painting it semi realistically and I like how it has turned out :)

I hope you all like it :)

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TheOtaku Internet Battle 2013
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