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The Illustrator
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This is the Illustrator, i thought to myself "If i were to "realistically" have powers, they'd probably be based on skills i already have. So how would that look altogether?" and THIS was born. She's an extension of myself. I have a tendency of seeing myself in a lot of my OCs, but if i was going into be any of them, it would be this one. She is and isn't me, cause i try to add more to them and make them less me and more their own. I haven't really given her a name as of yet, but i think it'll be Nicole (Nikki).

Offensive/Defensive Analysis

Pen: Her first and most obvious weapon is her Pen-spear. The handle and rubber hold on opposite ends allow for a firm grip and more versatility when striking in otherwise awkward angles. The needle-sharp tip is a threat in itself, but on closer inspection you'll notice 2 things. One, that the clicker on the end is "un-clicked", meaning the needle can be extended even further should the situation call for it. Also, there are 3 separate inks in the barrel (the colors would be blue, green, and red)
Paper: Nicole's wardrobe consists of a white cloak that is actually made up of thousands of compressed pieces of paper. Hidden in plain sight, this paper serves a number of uses, the most obvious being a means of defense against flying projectiles. Other uses include being projectiles themselves (extreme "de-limbing" paper cuts), collecting beneath the feet to serve as platforms, sticking to others as a means of tracking, and of course, sending out messages.
Sharpener: Each of her gauntlets has a feature, her left one strapped with the blade of what one would consider a very big sharpener. While it's use is obvious, it can also serve as a reflector, allowing Nicole to guard her back while holding her fighting stance before an enemy.
Eraser: While seemingly thin, the right gauntlet acts as a shield and reflector to physical blows. It's design and rubbery material allow one to not only absorb the shock of a blow, but to aid in retaliation by partially bouncing the force back onto the attacker.
Ink: The final and most deadly tool in the Animator's arsenal is her various inks. She holds 5 different inks in all: BLUE, GREEN, RED, BLACK, and WHITE.
The first 3 are found within her Pen-spear, one scratch of the ink tipped needle has one of the following effects...
BLUE - acts as a sudden and temporary paralytic, lasting a few hours, it is mainly used for capture.
GREEN - causes violent hallucinations and paranoia, useful in large crowds, can be used to turn enemies against each other and cause further confusion, effectively reducing your number of opponents with minimal effort.
RED - is an extremely fatal toxic, causes loss of motor function, then 5 senses, and finally internal organs, entire process takes 30 seconds to take effect.
BLACK - Strapped on the Animator's back is a large jar of BLACK ink. Unlike the first 3, this ink is laced with her own blood (to maintain stronger connection and control over) and acts as an extension of her own imagination, taking on various forms and can consist of a whole army if need be.
WHITE - The Animator's final trump card is a sealed and hollowed out sword handle that contains glass worth's of WHITE ink. White, being the color that consist of all colors, has the most damaging level of power. It hold's such a high level of concentrated energy that without a proper seal, any matter immediately surrounding it is instantly consumed into nothing. (Example: if a blade cuts through a leg, to 2 pieces can still be lined up and match. But if struck with a blade of white ink, the area struck simply wouldn't exist. If one tried to sow the leg back on, the flesh would be unable to align and be overall shorter.)Controlling and molding this ink into a manageable weapon required a substitution of energy for the ink to "feast on". In this case, the Illustrator would be continuously feeding her own blood into the weapon to maintain control. Because of this, white ink is the rarely used trump card with a pressing time limit.

The Illustrator knows nothing of "good" or "evil", just the flow of life. She lives by the idea that creation brings forth destruction brings forth creation, made known by the Ouroborus symbol made in dripping ink on the top left. If she finds the world holding too much evil, she'll carry out the act of creating to counter it and aid the flow and vice versa.

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