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Power of the Pack
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My entry for Ebbiru's TheOtaku Internet Battle 2013!

So when the viruses and trojans come to attack theOtaku, I'd summon my powers and pack. My powers would include Faith and mind-control, while I also have the abilities and skills of an agile samurai. Of course, being a pack leader, I'd have to stay calm and assertive ;D
The pack of dogs (which are most of my OCs in their dog form) are my partners; they help to create my power and support each other to make our team even stronger against the enemy. They can also intimidate or slobber those villians to death.
With the power of the pack, we'd be able to stand up and do the Otaku justice!

I hope you enjoy my entry, Ebbiru! Thanks for the awesome challenge!! I could of entered it more then once haha. I had some other ideas but this one worked out first, tho I feel like I got creative in a different way then what I first had in mind (seeing with this idea, I now lack actual weapons and such) :/

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Done in coloured mechanical pencil and ballpoint pen, then digital effects and textures added on SAI and

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
battle, dog, dog whisperer, dogs, MangaKid, Otaku, pack, power of the pack
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TheOtaku Internet Battle 2013
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