Kailith (Fan Art Portfolio) Kailith, Defender of the Internet

Kailith, Defender of the Internet

Wow, that was quick. XD
My creativity must be on a high or something.
Without further ado, my entry for TheOtaku Internet Battle 2013! (I've been secretly waiting for this challenge, hehe)

-Very Tron: Legacy inspired because (ahem), we're now inside a computer/ the internet/ cyberspace, so it makes sense!
-My weapons are a variant on both a sword and shield and the Paintbrush/Eraser tools on Photoshop. The sword slashes colour, and can draw directly onto thin air (i.e create barricades or tie up viruses, or some variant). It can also change colour :D. The shield acts as the eraser - it can erase viruses or firewalls or whatever. It can also expand to block enemy projectiles.
-I'm wearing a hoodie because I like hoodies, and am always wearing one. The rest of my outfit is tight/ easy to move in clothing. And I have a belt-thing to store stuff.
-Also, new haircut :D
-The thing floating around me is a window to the internet (it's currently on tumblr), which I can use to summon things/characters to fight with. Also, I can browse the internet when I get bored/tired, because even when I'm INSIDE the World Wide Web, I need tumblr, apparently. XD

Other Stuff:
-I can fly because screw physics
-My first instinct would be to fight, but I'd get tired and be generally not useful after a while.

That was lengthy :P
Anyways, enjoy! I can't wait to see what everyone else submits :)

Drawn by Me (Kailith)
Design by Me (Kailith)
Drawn with Adobe Photoshop Elements 9
tumblr screenshot from Google

theOtaku.com Fan Art
challenge, kailith, photoshop, theo, theotaku
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TheOtaku Internet Battle 2013
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Kailith~Defender of Internets~ ~Rainbow Dragon

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