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Lets Go~
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Kyaaa Finally finished this today! Hardest. artwork. ever. (for me!)
Temi this is for you!!! <333

I'd never have gotten through this without major help from this artwork HERE. Amazing work by the original artist, I love their picture!!

In my version, school is out and Kaji is riding away with Fu, leaving Wei to carry their bags @[email protected] Poor Wei!! Kaji and Fu are bad kids XD jkjkjk but they should at least be carrying the bags in the bike basket XD

I've been working on this for about 2-3 weeks now... I redid it since I wasn't satisfied the first time >3<
Pencil, multi-liners, and copics used to make this^^
All feedback appreciated much! I hope you like!

Dedicated to Temi, who I drew this for! She also owns Fu and Wei, those cuties <3

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
anime, bike, copic markers, Fu, itemilicious, Kaji, lets go, manga, MangaKid, Wei
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