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My Pokemon OC Luell (pronouced Luu-EL) and her Pokemon team.
I such at backgrounds and clothes OTL

Trainer Bio:

Name: Luell
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Hair Color: Navy
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'1"-ish
Hometown: Goldenrod City
Personality: Solemn, Kind, optimistic, smart but has no commen sense, and sometimes lazy

History: Luell is from a rich family in Goldenrod city. Her parents were always busy with work and never had time to spend with her. Only her Pokemons accompanied her when she was lonely. When she turned 11 she was determined to become a Pokemon trainer (with or without her parents' consent). Luell really enjoys traveling and visiting new places. She loves eating and wishes to taste all the delicious cuisines in the world.

Pokemon Info:

Ninetales- Bold nature- she's been with Luell forever and has always taken care of Luell. She's very protective of Luell and will attack strangers occasionally (especially males) Ninetales is one of Luell's Strongest Pokemon on her team.

Whimsicott- Jolly nature- She loves sweets and is always eating something. Has been with Luell since she was an egg. She was a present from Luell's parents. Whimsicott is really curious of new things and will always be running off and causing touble for Luell.

Luxray- Serious nature- Met in a forest when Luell had just left home. He was causing problems in the forest and scaring all the other Pokemons. He was abandoned by his previous trainer. Luell eventually caught him, though it was really difficult. He's really unsocial but will help Luell when she need it. Annoyed by Whimsicott all the time.

Altaria- Calm Nature- Luell saved her when she was being attacked by poachers. She decided to follow Luell in order to thank her. She's really smart and often helping Luell with direction.

Milotic- Docile nature- Luell caught her as a feebas in a fishing tournament. She eventually evolved into a Milotic. She's always helping Luell cross Oceans, lakes, rivers, and puddles. Milotic gets along well with the other Pokemons and doesn't mind Whimsicott.

Umbreon- Modest nature- met and caught when he was a Eevee. Loves being petted and always gets into fights with whimsicott. Luell spoils him and whimsicott a lot.

art and Luell (c) me
Pokemon (c) Pokemon INC/Nintendo/ Game Freak

Pokemon Fan Art
altaria, luxray, Milotic, ninetales, pokemon oc, trainer, umbreon, whimsicott
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