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Alrighteyy, so here's my challenge entry for the challenge "So You Wanna Be A Master?" by Bluesen *thinks of the song*

Alrightey, so from left to right it is:

Articuno (Lv 59)
Charley (Arcanine) (Lv 61
Dragonite (Lv 66)
Me (Emmz) (Lv Infinity xD)
Jack (Charmander) (Lv 10)
Flames (Charzard) (Lv 100)
Thunder (Jolteon) (Lv 62)

This is my trainer and my team from my Leaf Green game.
Pretty soon Suicune will be in there!!!!!!!! *is shot*

Gender: It Has none
LV 59
Quiet Nature
Met at the Seaform Islands at Lv 50 hasn't changed much, has he? I mean it o___o
This is the first legendary I caught without loosing it/killing it/making it run away or anything. Zaptos & Moltres were from my sister Death because she didn't want her game anymore and was gonna give it to some kid, so I took all her good Pokemon xD
ANYHOO~ So Articuno is my "Personal Airplane" other than Flames and will not go down easily. I mean it. Takes FOREVER to get him to faint! Mainly because of his attacks

Gender: Boy
LV 61
Rash Nature He a tough puppy o-0
Met on Route 8 at Lv 16
Alrightey, so this my adorable puppy~♥^W^
I named him after my stuffed animal dog named Charley, so I have always cherished him~
And he's another tough one, like Articuno. He is very hard to train because.....I dunno why, he's just hard to train Dx
But I still love him~♥

Gender: Boy
LV 66
Modest Nature
Met in Celadon City at Lv 24 as a Dratini
Alrightey, so after gambling at the Casino in Celadon City, i decided to buy a Pokemon at the little prize place next door.
I only had enough for a Dratini, so I bought him~
So I trained him into a Dragonair and I thought he was gonna stay there forever~
Until one day he evolved and I was like, "WWOOOOAAAAHHHH!!!! 8O"
So Yeah ^^'
In the picture I drew him kinda like he's sleeping. I did this because I rarely use him in battles or anything. Just for Surf. Before him, I had a Lapras, but I found that I didn't like Lapras much and was hard to train, so I changed surfing Pokemon xD

Gender: Boy
LV 100
Timid Nature Really?????
Met in Pallet Town at Lv 5
Wheeeeeeew... Me & Flames have gone waaaaaaaaaaaay back. Basically when I started this game in Grade 6 (5 years ago???)
It wasn't until last year I was able to get him to Lv 100. What a great accomplishment ^U^
Me & Flames have gone through thick and thin. He knows Gary's sent by now, he can easily kill a LV 60 with the Cut move. He can fly me anywhere I want. He can also do tricks 8D
...........Well, in my imaginary world he can! >O
ANYHOO~ So I drew him right beside me because he is like my best friend. They all are my best friend, but he's been with me from the beginning~
And I have NEVER traded him with ANYONE.....Until last year when my sister needed help in her game for beating the Elite 4. YOU SHOULD'VE SEEN MEEEE!!! I WAS CRYING AND CRYING WHEN HE LEFT!!!!!!! ;W;
I got him back Of course~ If I didn't, I would've stalked my sister until she returned him xD
So yeahhh, he is my best Pokemon!

Gender: Boy
LV 10 (Now 40)
Bashful Nature What are you, a Dwarf?? *is shot*
Hatched at Berry Forrest at Lv 5
Alrightey, most of you are probably wondering how Emmz got 2 Charmanders???? Well, it's the Birds and the Bees my friends. When A Charzard loves a Ditto...............
Basically i stuck my Flames & some random Ditto in the Day Care and OH MY! AN EGG! 8O
So this is Flames's son Jack. I consider him my Baby, which is why I drew him clinging onto my leg xD
At the time I joined this challenge, Jack was a Charmander. Within a few days of Obsession, he became a Lv 40 Charzard o___0'
.........He grew fast.........Just like his Daddy~ xD

Gender: Boy
LV 62
Gentle Nature
Met at Celadon City at LV 25
Ok, so I got Thunder as an Eevee, and I used the Thunder stone to evolve him into a Jolteon Cuz I LOVE JOLTEONSSSSS
Despite his "Gentle Nature", I think he's with the tough ones (Charley & Articuno) cuz of his attack "Thunder"......Ohhh what a scary attack o____o
So I TRIED to draw Jolteon really good.......Unlike the picture my Mum drew of him *scary music plays* oWo
OK! So here is my Pokemon! I do hope you all enjoyed this! :D

C yaz!! C:

Long description is long

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