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Ponysona! XD
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LOL self-humiliation complete! XD why I chose to do this, I have no real clue...just saw Starscream's "Pony Madness" challenge and just went "Imma gonna draws me a pony!!"... but It was actually incredibly fun to laugh and myself an wallow in girliness while making this and doing my "homework" on the style - that is, studying official character illustrations and *gasp* watching a few episodes on The Hub channel! rofl...seriously, too much fun.

Chose to do the New style...since looking back on it, even though I used to watch some of the old MLP when I was little and had some of the toys...the ponys weren't that cute in my opinion...If I was forced to choose, I think the new designs are cuter.

Okay, rule followin' time -

So it says to name our pony-selves fittingly, so this one's uber-girly fairy-tale-ish name is "Moon Feather" XD

I of course do not have blue hair...but it said we could use our favorite colors, and mine are hues of blue, so blue hair and coat it was. what IS inspired by the real, physical me is the texture of her mane/tail, and the eye color (though made a little more saturated here to fit in with the other vivid colors and not look unfittingly drab), and the green eyeshadow is a strong personal preference for my own makeup routine.
The locket is modeled after my own favorite locket that I rarely leave the house without (yes it has an airplane propeller on it)
the "cutey mark" is directly inspired by a feature of my "SkyGateCreations" emblem, which has sort of become my own "signature" sort of thing, minus the actual wing (which would have been too detailed for such a small marking and wouldn't communicate well) the design of her "shoes" are also inspired by my emblem.

I made her a Pegasus because I'm an aviation fanatic as some already know, love just about anything to do with flight. No I don't fly regularly myself nor do I know how to fly...but it obviously is a dream of mine...and embodying a personal dream into the design of an MLP pony seemed very...well...MLP like XD went with the whole "follow your dreams" theme.

Made her a little more "mature" looking than the average pony because I'm an adult myself (and I don't like the really stubby look - was a little too cutesy and thus wasn't really like the real me) and she looks kinda not-so-nice because I was kind of on the B*tchy side/mood myself around the time I made this so I decided spur-of-the-moment that it would be sort of funny to reflect that present moody-ness in the design

WHEW and that's it! LOL if you read all that, you're Epic.

Technical stuff - Pony done in Paint Tool Sai, background made in Photoshop Elements 7.), drawn/rendered with Wacom Bamboo pen & touch tablet.

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