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Frenemines and Rivals
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I think the colors suit Rita. The color of her hair before was more vibrant shade and didn't look good with the colors of the outfit so I changed it to a deeper darker color and it looks good :)

This is one of my ocs I might have mentioned before.
Rita the Chikorita
She and Kiki do NOT get along
if you put them in the same room there will be a cat fight sooner or later
why they don't get along? they both want the spot light I guess thats where it starts
Kiki loves getting attention especially if she's performing a dance
Rita is a drama queen too but she would personally shove people who are in the way of the spot light Rita thinks belongs to her alone
the little comic is an example in the last panel Kiki's big sister Gaia breaks up the fight which isn't the first and I don't think will be the last
They also compete for the attention of boys but unfortunately for Kiki Rita seems to win on that one because of curvy figure where as Kiki's pretty flat chested poor girl...

Hopefully I'll color this later
and then next I want to introduce Eon Kiki's admirer(Stalker) but I want to change his profile first

These OCs belong to me
Pokemon does not

Pokemon Fan Art
chikorita, gijinka, kiki, kirlia, ocs, pokemon, rita
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