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Bleach Meme2
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weee 2nd meme! this one was a blast, really. there are things i wish i could have fit in there but of course the panels are kinda tiny...and i draw HUGE. so heres a brief overview from me on each panel c:

panel 1: bleach is what it is because of the fantastic characters. if it weren't for my loyalty to the different characters, i wouldn't watch bleach.

panel 2: i have way too many favorite characters, but of course these two are my favorite. Unfortunately Yylfordt does not get a very flashy role in the anime...being a minion and what-not.

panel 3:what i find most intriguing about these two characters are the fact that they are brothers...yet a back story or a relationship inst even fully established. was it just more convenient for Kubo to make Yylfordt Szayel's brother just to explain Renji's exploding bankai? Who knows, but why have Szayel mention his disgust towards his brother if it was just going to be a stupid fat lipped alligator? I guess that leaves everything up for the fans to decide their relationship/past.

panel 4:honestly...i have a certain distaste towards the protagonists. I usually always obsess over the bad guys and minor characters. but really, orihime is just...fail.

panel 5:.............8D

panel 6: Uryu: ".............."
Ryuuken: "shall we have another go? ;D"

as much as i love yylfordtxszayel, these two are my favorite when it comes to reading fanfiction and what-not. Ryuuken is sexy beast. Quincest is wincest 8D

panel 7: umm yeah?

please comment :heart:

bleach(c)tite kubo

Bleach Fan Art
bishonen, bleach, chibi, ilforte, incest, meme, orihime inoue, quincy, ryuuken ishida, szayel aporro, szayelaporro grantz, uryu ishida, yaoi, yylfordt
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