Natsu nii (Fan Art Portfolio) If I were in Bleach.. 9_9"

If I were in Bleach.. 9_9"
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Okay! here goes! >_>
this is for the challenge So, if YOU were in Bleach... by Xxpicklejuice01xX

i kinda described myself in the pic, but i'll go over the stuff again <:3

-Me! i always love coloring in my hair in every challenge like this if i could i'd draw everyone with orange hair *koff* it's just a beauiful color..

I'd be a Vasto Lorde... i think that normal arrancars/hollows are kinda anoying(most of the time) and i wouldn't want to be a soulreaper because then i'd have to be a good guy and save lives..and crap...! haha -i was considering being a quincy too, but this was more fun to draw(is it bad to choose to be a hollow just because i like black more that white? o_o")

as far as a number goes... my favorite number is 18.. but in bleach that's sucky number. You can decide for yourself 6_6"

power- the ability to brainwash people and make them kill their friends off (in a nutshell) ...and kick butt... t3t"
weapon- i could use a sword if i wanted to but I use my hollow-mazing hands to fight whenever possible.. is there a better weapon?(probably) most higher level hollows don't really use weapons'm just not as cool as the rest of you T_T *fail natsu*

personality- *don't have to make this up xD*
i get bored easily, like breaking things, and am a bit narsissitic.. =_=
-sorry if my bleach knoledge isn't up to date... i don't like reading online so i've only read so far.. *sad face*

that alright? -wish me luck! haha

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So, if YOU were in Bleach...
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