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D vs. General Gaskell
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^^ This is an illustration for the 14th Vampire Hunter D Novel , Dark Road.

The Scene I drew it from is this one:

The general moved forward. Although the step seemed to carry his entire weight, surprisingly enough it didn't make a sound. The blade of his sword fell. D met it head on. No one had seen him draw--not even the general. But with the most exquisite sound in the world the general's longsword and D's blade locked together.

"Ah!" someone cried out in surprise. Did that gasp escape from Juke or Sergei, or was it the Hunter's left hand?
D's Right Knee had been Driven to the ground. The generals black face grinned. This wasn't about technique. He simply pushed with all his might, trying to overwhelm D with sheer strength like some primitive combatant.

However, within the general's grin was an astonishment even he couldn't hide. "You've done well to withstand a blow from General Gaskell," he said, and the surprise came out in his voice. From the very bottom of his heart he praised the young man he wished to slice in two. "Every swordsman, every knight, every single warrior who ever came from the Capital I reduced to dust with a single blow. no one ever stopped me. D, Your name will not be forgotten!"

just another instance of D being Awesome XD hahah..
General Gaskell is a legendary and terrible noble from long ago who has recently been revived by The Sacred Ancestor for some unknown purpose...(who ever knows what he's up to anyhow XD...) This fight surprised me...since it came a bit early in the book (you'd think Gen. Gaskell would be the *last* one he would fight...but no...He couldn't wait and rushed out to challenge D...hahah ) ** Oh yeah...and I forgot to mention...D is Blind during this fight Gah! D:

Sword fights are fun to draw but Oh My Goodness the poses are tricky...X'D...hahahah

Hope everyone likes this ^^

Vampire Hunter D Fan Art
Dark Road, General Gaskell, sword fight, vampire hunter D
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