Seifer sama (Fan Art Portfolio) Beast of the Inferno

Beast of the Inferno
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From: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Characters: Link & Lizalfos
Used: Pen & Paper, and Photoshop CS3
Time Taken: 20 - 30hours (I blame the lava....)

Okay so I decided I wanted to do a set of three pictures, with the color themed after Link's other tunics. Obviously, this is the red one. :P I decided I wanted to have Link fighting a lizalfos with a lava fall in the background. Big mistake there, the lava probably took more time than anything else on the picture. It's good experience though right?

I tried a few new techniques on the lizalfos' skin and I was pretty pleased with the result. I will have to remember it if I ever draw more of them. I also noticed that there are very few references for lizalfos, so I changed the design slightly. I think he actually came out looking pretty scary!

Zelda Fan Art
Fire, Lava, Legend, Link, Lizalfos, Ocarina, of, Temple, Time, Zelda
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