Pikmin541 (Fan Art Portfolio) Art Summary Meme 2010

Art Summary Meme 2010
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Hey guys!I did the Art Summery Meme that's been going around!^^
Alright, here I go!

January: Here
Oh the funniness. My first painting...That I tried on.XD Plus my first picture Joker related!:D And the first picture in that gain- nope...SECOND picture in the giant sketch pad.:3 I was wanting to try and paint more, and I did this without drawing in pencil! Jan sucked for me.;A;

February: Here
It was my online Brothers birthday, and I wanted to draw a picture for him. (We don't talk much anymore. :/ ) BUT, my style was changing, again!:D I liked my style a bit...but the head were huge.;A; i remember ripping up a lot of my drawings in Feb.|D

March: teehee.... I could only find bases and stories I had written. I was focusing more on them...and they sucked.XD

April: Here
Pffft, who has watched The Joker Blogs and HATED Theodore? Obviously no one. XD He was great. I loved Theodore. And obviously I loved watching the joker blogs. I remember the principle was subbing the art class at the time...Freakin jerk he was.D:< My art had hit another new style, and I liked it because I was using those...body structure things. Obviously I sucked at it (And still do ) But I love the pictures from April none the less.

May: Here
FFF- I love this picture. I LOVED how the scanner made it look! I was inspired by The Joker Blogs. And most of that month I believe I was re-watching The Joker Blogs.. I also believe that was when I deleted my Otaku account....Darness! oh well, it's in the past!^^ I'm back now to stay!So that's all that matters!

June: Here
Oh my god, I was so happy when I had made this picture!I still think that this is my best side view ever!XD Oh, I was so happy. And my art style then...I think I still liked it.:3 Not much to say I believe...That month was a bit busy apparently. Though, I did draw the Rainbow Batman pictures. XD Oh, that was so fun!

July: Here
:3 this was a picture I made for someone DA, a super nice Harley cosplayer.^^ She's really nice.:3 not all "I'm better than you!" like some (Or most, I haven't met many) cosplayers are.
(This picture has so many spots I missed ;w; ) I like this one.I remember I had attempted to redraw it on a larger scale so I could paint it....You can see that obviously failed.XD It took me a while to color it on the comp, I remember that much. I think i inked and colored it on the same day...Hmm...
I didn't put up much in July, I only have this and a story up from July.=w=;; i probably drew a lot and thought most of them sucked. (I have about 50 in my recent sketch books I haven't finished, or thought they weren't good enough to put up.;w; )
(I also think this was when I came back to theo...Not a long time away huh?XD I love TheO, it's hard to stay away because I've met so many great people on here!)

August: Here
Saw obsession start! (Ooooh I LOVE the Saw movies! ) Billy from Saw, god I love that lil puppet! This picture still looks like this in my sketchbook.;w;
I don't know if any of you have noticed, but I avoid drawing the backs of the heads I do in side-views. Why? Because they're really hard for me to draw.=3=;; So I try to say my scanner cut part of it out or I crop it out. They looks terrible.;A; But I'm practicing! I drew a lot that month...because I got new sketch books.I like the pictures from then.^^

September: Here
Oh, this couple makes me so sad...;A; they're from the second PL game..I love them! They're so sweet but sad.;A;
But..I love this picture. ^^ I think I did well with it. Though, I should have shaded it a bit more. Maybe I'll color it and post it up.^^ I wouldn't mind that. (And on TheO I need to put more things up, so I'll work on that.^^; )
Hmm...Art this month... Sorta lacked. I did like the birthday picture I made for a friend that month!^^ I think that one turned out pretty good! But...Meeeh...It was ok.

October: Here
Oh, I greatly think this picture is a fail, but I wanted to do SOMETHING for spirit day and breast cancer.;A; again, i didn't draw much that month...school.>

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