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Kurosaki Ichigo <3
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This is my second entry lol (hope its okay to submit more than one entry ^^;;)
Okay to be honest, I haven’t actually given much thought to what my favourite form of Ichigo was, and I just thought that his final getsuga form was my favourite. (thanks dip with help btw :D) *coughs* anyway >>
My most favourite form of Ichigo is....His normal form.
Some person from the crowd: BORING!
Me: Is not!
Some other person from the crowd: I bet she didn’t give much thought to that *snickers*
Me: I did so! Anyway,
My favourite form of Ichigo is his normal form’s him. You know? It’s just himself. He doesn’t have any sort of special powers, or whatever (apart from seeing and touching ghosts but still :P) and it’s just his own great personality. That’s the reason why I love his character from the start was because of Ichigo’s personality. xD Okay sure, he looks badass and stuff when he’s in his bankai form, or in his hollow form or getsuga form, but in his normal’s...Him. He doesn’t have to looks badass plus, he’s awesome the way he is, and I like the way he is. :3
I mean, even if people think that this form I chose was boring, I don’t care..To me, his normal form isn’t boring at all xDD
he looks hawt in this form too >> lol jk xD but still lol xDD
ughh now that I think about it, what I just explained, just sounded really corny and cheesy *facepalms* -_-
Hugs/comments/faves are appreciated thankies~ :3

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