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This is for Momiji Fangirl's Black and White challenge~! X3

This has...so...much...symbolism!! TT^TT So let me explain:

White: White is associated with Nobility, so I gave her a crown accessory and dress her kind of royal-ish (she's wearing a dress, there you go). The designs on her dress are supposed to make her look ice-y and windy and like air and soft and stuff, giving you a white winter-y kind of feel that's really hard to explain, but I know you can feel it! >:D Her hair is fluffy like cotton or clouds (something fluffy and white...SHEEP!) White is associated with innocence, purity, and weakness, so I gave her a weak kind of innocent pose and made her a young girl. Also white is a symbol of youth in Japanese martial arts (or Japan...O.o but that's why the white belt is the first rank-less belt because you're naive and young and new) so I made her a young girl.

Black: Black is associated is secrecy, darkness, mystery, and stuff like that so I gave him a mask. It's also associated with elegance (tuxes, mon) so I made his design rather elegant, but it's also apparently associated with chaos (isn't that a contradiction, kind of?) so I made his clothing design a bit crazy. I made his jacket only have on sleeve and his clothes under his jacket is a rainbow jumpsuit decorated with a checkered pattern, but it's kinda hard to tell...O.o ...He doesn't seem to have as much symbolism as the girl...don't think I thought about him enough...XD

I named the black man Nero and the white girl Eirwen.

Oh, and you're probably wondering why the girl has dark skin. Umm...I like contrast and whenever I think of the colour white for a white kind of design I think of the person having darker skin. And the guy has really pale skin to contrast with the darkness of his clothes. I can't help it...TT^TT I love contrast too much.

Also, if I made the guy have dark skin and the girl have pale skin, to me it'd be painful for the eyes. I made a pale version of the girl, but I didn't like her as much as the darker skinned version and it was also kind of hard to look at (overkill).

They both have one white eye and one black eye and their hands are tied together to show that they're a pair kind of. Like they're together...

Like if they were in an anime thing they're be the two villains or something...O.o

And about their personalities...Nero is dark, quiet, and very persuading with his words. But all he thinks about is death and destruction despite his calm face. His head is very demented. And Eirwen is very shy and naive and she doesn't know many things and is very gullible. So of course she'd be persuaded by Nero to do bad things, but she is very pure and kind inside, so she'd do stuff like destroy a building or something, just as long as nobody's hurt or anything. But I don't think she'd go the extra mile to make sure of these things. So she probably has tons of regrets...O.o

Their names...well...I think Nero means black and Eirwen means white...and I was listening to Sound Horizon music...so I ended up with strange names...XD Nero is probably Roman (Roman Emperor) and Eirwen is Welsh...I think...O.o

And about their clothes designs in general. Well, for Nero I was listening to a lot of Malice Mizer and looking at pictures of Gackt in Malice Mizer...so...I think you can see some similarities...XD And I was also looking at Castlevania pictures, so a bit of those kinds of clothing designs I added to it. And about the jumpsuit...I wanted something strange and chaotic and I needed inspiration and I was looking through some pictures and I found an Alice in Wonderland picture and the mad hatter kid guy was wearing a checkered jumpsuit, so I went with that! XD I was afraid it'd look too crazy so I gave him a jacket.

And for Eirwen I was listening to a lot of Megurine Luka music and looking at pictures of Hime Lolita (because I wanted something innocent, but looked like they were of nobility) plus some of Hyung-tai Kim's designs...soooo...I ended up with a kinda not so innocent looking design...O.o Why is her skirt so short in the back? So she doesn't really match with his design that much...>.> And her design is a bit wacky...XD

A lotta thinking went into their designs...Actually, not really...XD 'orz

I dunno, I might want to use these characters again...Hrmm....

Well, enjoy! XD

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