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The time we spent was Genuine
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Some issues with this site's policy arose so i have to repost this, but there won't be any problems with vectors from now on, yay~

Seriously now, every character I love from Code Geass is either dead or mentally unstable... >.<
Except Karen... but she's really close to both extremes.

For this vector I used:
- this scan
- this one for the background

The hardest parts where where I had to reconstruct.
And... just pick a color for Lulu's hair already! o_0
In the anime he has brown hair or even black, in some scans his hair is purple... Jeez. I picked brown :D
There's not much to say, but I finished the vector in 3 days and omg, I used no textures.
The background isn't the greatest ever, but it's better than a gradient ^_^'

The png version (without the Sakura petals, of course) can be found at EDD!, if someone wants to wall it.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Fan Art
code geass, lelouch, lelouch lamperouge, lulu, rollo, rollo lamperouge, siblings, vector
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