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How Do You Spell? OC's
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Awhile back, My sister, friend emily-chan, and I made a comic called How Do You Spell? about a teen witch, her older wizard brother, and a love triangle. I drew a group pic similar to this one. This one however, has the characters at an older age. Here's a brief summary of each one.
On Throne:
Hisayo (heroine of the manga) -A young witch who is struggling to cope with her magical identity and normal one. Also involved in a love triangle with Yoshimitsu (blonde) and Haku (brunette). Many years ago, she created a love spell (fairy) who would help her find her true love. Since she hasn't decided between the two suitors, the spell has stuck around and developed as Hisayo's feelings have.

Behind Throne:
Caven-If any of you are familiar with my fan manga ICC, this is the same Caven, just much later on in life. He now plays the role of the older brother, though still continues with his vampire escapades when issues arise. He is dating
Mika from ICC now and Hoshi is the Vampire King. Unless he is doing errands, on a date, or out on business, he generally likes to stay inside the house.

Right of Throne:
Yoshimitsu- Best friends with Hisayo since grade school and has been in love since. She is not sure wether she feels the same way. He is sporty, kind, and has a big brother aire about him. Comes from a broken home. Best friends with Haku.

Left of Throne:
Haku- Friends with Hisayo. He comes from a very rich home so can come across as snobby, although most of that is due to his shyness. Inside he really is a nice person. Also loves Hisayo, but his shyness is often a problem. He is best friends with Yoshimitsu.

Fairy: Rini-Ai. The love spell Hisayo created back in grade school. Since Hisayo hasn't chosen, the spell is still around.

That's all :)

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