nikuro (Fan Art Portfolio) crossoverII"the cronicless of Vilenia"

crossoverII"the cronicless of Vilenia"
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Ladies and Gentlemen: Me(production)it’s proud to present you a 6-year project…
Ta-da “crossover”!I finally did it,it took the whole week.This is the cover taken from my story(yay now I found it a name) “CROSSOVER”.I won’t tell you much about the character just something little:
(starting from right to left)
Ludovik,Yin,Izzy,Max,San(main character),Fiona,Hiro,Yan,Adria,.
(Now from top to the bottom)
Vithen,Midvrek(the guy with green skin),Zahira and Axel(the eyes).
Easy huh?
Well I thought now it’s time for your brain to start and work a little more faster !Why? Check out the relations between them:
Fiona its Hiro sister and Max’s girlfriend,San it’s Zahira&Axel doughter and Max childhood best friend ,Yin its Yan’s brother,Adria it’s Ludovik servant,Izy it’s Yin’s best friend,Midvrek it’s San’s father bestfriend and Vithen worst enemy,Vithen is the bastard of the whole story!(this was easy too wasn’t it?)
Now ill explain it more simply: You can understand the presence of the characters in the story in base of their positions in the pic(closer to the centre they are more important they role is.)Zahira was positioned in centre cause she also is very important in this chapter-she unleash San hidden power,I put only Axels eyes cause I wanted him to appear more ‘mysterious than ever”XD!.The sword on top of Zahira head(that looks just like it’s ready to slice her in pieces)it’s San sword”Xian”-a mix between Zahira and Axel weapons..At last Midvrek and Vithen where positioned together cause at the final battle they finish what they started years ago.That thing behind them those lines are a sort of lineart of the kingdom of Vilenia. (Yo!-“chronicles of vilenia” is the second chapter of crossover not the firs one).
Sooo…….I cant feel my fingers any moreXD… you like it?
Inspiration: Ellie Goulding 'Starry Eyed'

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adria, axel, fiona, hiro, ludo, max, midvrek, san, vithen, yan, yin, zahira
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